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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


This part was included in my keys down at the bottom of the email.

New Regional Pricing
In addition, Humble Choice is launching with regional pricing in the following currencies: EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, and NZD. However, if you keep your Classic plan, you will continue to be billed in USD.


Will that be good or bad? I guess it doesn’t matter either way if classic is USD only.


Well I am on the classic and last month that was approx 17.75 or somewhere around that…It’s still better than 20 CA and Don’t you only get 9 games…the classic gets 10…???


OK…so now we’ve all had time to ruminate…what’s the worst offering in the 10 games that make up Choice? I’m torn between X-Morph Defense or Aegis Defenders being the bottom of the barrel…but they all seem surprisingly ok.


R u saying u didn’t just keep/get yr sub active last month and are now paying $20 instead of $12? I hope not, and if not, then u can just have both cuz u get all games, not 9.

If yes, ouch.


I’m still money poor and game rich, so I’m just a happy go lucky observer…and who doesn’t like ranking things in order of terribleness? :smiley: And realistically, with Humble’s history, there’s no way that there are going to be more than 2 or 3 FANTABULOUS games each month so a basic sub is likely to be fine for most people.

Have to keep telling myself that Kiwami and Chasm are not actually that good…BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE!


hope that changes soon, dude, something will happen just as it did for me (I’m giving all the money to my kids’ schools, lol, but regardless)


wooow the new system is sht… it just reveals your key right away…
i don’t even have a clue what happens if i don’t “choose now” but just let it set past this month’s window and into the next humble monthly
do games disappear? do you keep the option of being able to choose whenever you wish/do you have to do it within this/X time frame? i’m guessing if i select gift a friend it will also immediately make a gift link, basically you get your stuff used “now”, instead of leaving it unrevealed for a later date like before??
dang this systems just seems so messy compared to how smooth it was before…


Did you get all 10 games as a classic subscriber or do you have to make a choice still?


i’m on classic plan, so i still technically have to choose my games (even tho this month i ofc get all)
but when you click it, you get 2 options, “get game”<-- insta reveals key and attaches to your account, or “gift friend” which i then assume insta generates a gift link connected… either way, no “save for later” option like before… which annoys the hell out of me
atm i’m on with support to get clarification if there then is also some sort of expiration on how long you have to make your choice, cos that one is buggin the heck out of me. I’m assuming there is no timeframe, but i need confirmation or i’ll twist and turn anxiously that my games go poof if i don’t activate them immediately…


I’m currently paused so I should have the classic plan too. I really would like blasphemous and a few others I wouldn’t mind having. Not sure if I want to bother unpausing though, maybe I’d rather spend 15€ for blasphemous alone just to spite humble.

Is there anything else in this bundle that someone could personally recommend?


haven’t played any of them, but the games that got me this month was Tomb Raider(yea yea i know, but i gots to haf me some Tomb Raider sometimes), Ancestors Legacy, Phantom Doctrine, Blasphemous, Dead in Vinland and Aegis Defenders.
^which i know i’m likely not gonna get around to play, but those were what caught me and made me want this month, hell the top row alone had me won over with just a couple of the games, seemed like a bargain for 12bucks for all of them… even tho probably just likely to gather dust in the library


Oddly enough, I won Aegis Defenders on Steam GIfts - first win there ever. O_O

I haven’t got Phantom and Vinland by other means. Blasphemous is cool and all but, well, no rush. So tired… I’m going to try to play a game tonight. All I want to do is sleep but have to make dinner. >>

Um… yea, want to see what they offer next month. I’m still paused. Will wait til I’m mega excited to unpause - that may not be at all soon.


So I got this monthly mainly by ignoring that the renewal date was coming up. That’s alright because I’m okay with getting Blasphemous, Phantom Doctorine, and Horizon Chase Turbo.

That being said, I have the rest, but do not wish to claim them for various reasons.


I paused this month last minute. Didn’t feel necessary game wise for me, and I’d rather save my cash for a lineup id play more of. Still having mixed feelings about “choice” overall. It feels heavily stuck on forcing people to keep subscriptions going or paused constantly in order to avoid heavy price increases while at the same time lowering your selection of games and this has been discussed to death already, but still feels worth bringing up. I just hope that increasing the price means better game choices in the future.


I had to pause this month because of the New Year, buh-bye, Dead in Vinland XD but just in case i downloaded all the Trove download-and-save games excluding the several games I already had and Deponias. I only used Trove twice during all my Humble subscription time summed together, for A Short Hike and a really small game about a silent town.

Do you guys know some obvious must-play gems from Humble Trove I could enjoy these holidays?


Depends of course a lot of what you like, but there’s a fair few pretty good games in the trove, so here’s just a list of good games as I spot them: Runestone keeper, torchlight 1+2, Trine, Reus, The Bard’s tale, Satellite Reign, Renowned Explorers, Frozen synapse (not cortex), Spool side, Avadon 1-3(will keep you busy a while), X-wing Vs Tie Fighter,


Torchlights. Trine and Avalons look like perferct winter games for me, also both Frozen Synapce and Reus look pretty interesting. Those will be the first games I try, and as The Bard’s Tale is a beloved classic, gonna try it out, too.

Thanks for a good piece of advice!


Wouldn’t you be able to save either for later? I don’t think they attach they key to your Steam and you could use the gift link yourself?


no clue if i can save for later or if there is a timeframe to choose select games, that’s what i’m waiting for answer/reply from Humble support
i don’t want a revealed link if i can avoid it. It makes it 100x easier to sort when it’s unrevealed than to remember the correct revealed but unused link/key