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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


I am really confused now. What is Choice? Are they replacing Monthly with it? And how does Choice work?




Humble Bundle previously called their monthly bundles the month that the remainder of the games were released. So the December Monthly is over. Finished. No longer available for purchase.

I believe they are calling the Choice the month it is released. In this case, December. Because you get the games up front instead of waiting.


Thanks M00, sometimes I’m a bit stupid.


Don’t really like the rest of the month’s games, but I bought the bundle for the early unlocks so I’m not mad.


no worries dude, and btw not being aware of something has nothing to do with the level of your intellect; we’re all ignorant until we know


I apologise for the incorrect leak ><

im just as disappointed as you guys


no worries, not your fault


I was considering keeping active just for Void Bastards.



No worries, @Tatsuya. I got Portia out of the deal. And now we don’t have to guess :+1:t3:


Wait, what? I don’t understand.


The only time 4chan is right is when they schlop



Will this be on the test?




So my tentative thought is that Choice looks good, although I’d wager that they’re doing a Chrono and frontloading all the good games so that people sign up. Kind of sad I missed that last Monthly too…Chasm and Yakuza were nice inclusions.


I got NO pig. Where’s my pig? :pig: :pig2: :exploding_head::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::weary::scream:


Will THIS be on the test?



Thanks, Geeky :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Now I feel better…