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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


Edit: Shadow of the Tomb Raider bestest thing (revealed) so far in January.

If the rest of the December includes, the ones below, that’s pretty good:

Hand of Fate 2
The Occupation
The Stillness of the Wind

… and the temptation increases.


i pretty much insta resumed my sub when i saw the Humble Choice leaks

Horizon Chase Turbo and Blasphemous are pretty much a no brainer in themselves, everything else is just cherry on the top of the cake as far as Im concerned.

Been thinking of just buying it with the new price but i figured that at the end of the day its stil a better deal to get all the games for 12 bucks, even if you trade away the rest that you dont need.


Looks like my pause for December was the correct choice for me. I may be pausing January as well. Will need to look at both Phantom Doctrine and Horizon Chase Turbo to decide.


If that’s going to be the actual games i’m so unpausing! Phantom Doctrine and Blasphemous! Oh yes!


This is why you ma sloth. :heart:


judging by how the november humble monthly leaks were so accurate, i would say that this leak is pretty accurate, esp since it was leaked from HB itself and not from third-party sources.


To be fair, they are probably doing it on purpose to get people to subscribe.


Happy to keep my subscription for this month unpaused, I want the three shown games and don’t mind the rest of the bundle.

But I think I’ll pause it for the First choice month. All the games look good but none of them are ones that I just really want to play.


I think I’ll skip the first Choice month. Doesn’t seem too bad, but the 2 games I’m really interested in there are from the type of publisher that would put them on Game Pass or Twitch by the time I get around to playing them.

It’s possible two pause two months in a row, right?


Yep! I paused almost a whole year once, month by month.


Really want Desert Child.

ISLANDERS is awesome, recommended.

Void Bastards looks great, so does Aegis and Hand of Faith 2!

Thanks for going through the trouble of linking, you da real MVP


Yup, glad I paused for December Monthly.


Woah. Literally all the games I thought were cool are not on the monthly. Really underwhelming, but I say this as someone who’s not subscribed.

EDIT: no wait I’m confused. Desert Child and Aegis are there.

The print you sent is for December, @Pylinaer? I’m so seriously confused.


It’s a shame that late reveal leak was wrong, imo.


December monthly. The Quoted list is December choice.


Void bastards not being there aside
first humble choice feels better than the last humble monthly, which i think is both deliberate and a bit of a shame
regardless it still feels like it/i will just add a continued stream of a bunch of games to my library that will grow steadily, while playing less and less :weary:.
too many games, too little time… and too much returning to already/previously played games :persevere:


such a bummer, was so looking forward to that


haha yea same, but when i saw the leak i also thought i made 0 sense given the price hike to 30€/$ they did prior to launch, and their statements of confidence in the game/price
didn’t really seem like you then toss it in a 2$value combined bundle, if the above is so, when it’s brand new, so i always doubted that part of the leak at least.


Wait… so there’s both December MONTHLY and December CHOICE? I’m so bloody confused.


Hmm. Hmm . Thinking about grabbing that option with three games to pick . Would probably get Tomb Raider, Blasphemous and Doctrine. On the other hand more games to backlog probably.