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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


Went ahead and paused for the month. I already own My Time at Portia and am not super interested in Soulcaliber nor Yakuza Kiwami (I still need to play Yakuza 0).

Last day for pausing is 11/29 fyi.


Ok so this sucks, I thought everyone said you COULD subscribe and then pause without getting charged for current month?
That’s not what this suggests.
I have not attempted to claim any of the games, I went straight from subscription confirmation to pause the month.


That’s bizarre. Earlier this month I reactivated my canceled subscription and then paused it with no issues.

Did you click on anything that could have been mistaken as a buy button?


I don’t know how many ways there are to subscribe, I went to resubscribe on the monthly bundle page and every single button there can be confused for a purchase. They’re really quite obtuse by design.


I don’t remember exactly, but I feel like I went into my settings and reactivated my subscription from there


Pausing should pause the actual subscription, which should mean they shouldn’t charge you that month provided you paused before the last Friday of that month, which is when they charge people.


That is demonstrably not the case though. The bundle sits in my purchases list with the 3 early reveals ready to be claimed. I will avoid revealing the keys until the switchover just in case that’ll matter, but I rather doubt it.


Yeah i don’t know why that is happening to you @Fraggles I was able to resubscribe and pause for this month (granted i did it about a week ago) , very odd


I think maybe there’s a bug with his sub or he paused too late.


When would too late be? Because clearly I have already paused and the last Friday as you state as the dead line is the 29th, yeah?
Is within 2 minutes of subscribing fast enough?
I mean at least read the things I’ve already written before trying to offer an explanation, or offer some new information which might provide better insight, please.


I’m not sure, perhaps I am wrong as to when you need to sub/pause etc, they could have changed it with the new monthly plan. It has to be one of the two, that your sub is bugging out (and you should contact them) or they changed the charging date and you paused it too late because of the change. But from what I understand that is how it is supposed to function, you pause one month and they don’t charge you that month.

Wow…I did read your comments. I told you exactly what the HB page states and offered what can only explain as to why it didn’t work for you? :sweat_smile:

How to pause your subscription:

Would you prefer to skip the upcoming monthly? No problem!

Head over your Account Settings page and click the “Cancel my Plan”. From there you have the option to pause - select that option and it will skip the current monthly (unless you have paid for it already).

1-Month subscriptions - pausing will skip payment for the applicable month.
Multi-month subscriptions - pausing can save a subscription credit so that it can be used at a >later time

The pause feature only skips 1 Month! After that month is skipped, you will be enrolled to receive the next monthly.

I mean at this point the only explanations I can think of is that it bugged out for you or you paused too late passed a charge (which is probably because they changed when billing comes through). But as you can see by the page, it is supposed to function by the way that pausing doesn’t charge you. I think you should contact HB support about your issue and have them sort it out for you.


I am sorry for snapping at you, but you didn’t really bring anything new or helpful and I’m rather annoyed with the situation as it stands. Stating how things should work really doesn’t change what has already happened.

Of course I’ve sent in a support ticket to try and resolve this, but the point I have to argue from is pretty much “couple of friends told me this is how it’s supposed to work and it didn’t, would you kindly undo my mistake for me.”. Humble has so far not come across as particularly eager to help over the years I’ve dealt with them so I’m not feeling hopeful here. Rather expecting them to gleefully tell me to get fucked and take my money because they can.


Did you get that $33 off to work???


No that was only supposed to apply to the full year subscription plan. They sure didn’t word their email to reflect that though and didn’t even so much as apologize for the greatly misleading ad they put out.

And while yes, misprints happens and the email body could maybe possibly be considered merely ambigious. The subject header certainly wasn’t.

That is VERY specific about the offer and what it’s applied to.


Sorry about that. Their CS used to be the BEST as far as I am concerned but I haven’t had to use it since they were bought out.

Wish you GL :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Because from what you have said…You did everything correctly.


Considerig we had the discussion about automatic renewal here, regarding Humble, did you guys see this?:

I know it doesn’t apply to recurring humble subscribers. I just wanted to share the article.

Although it seems to only be for physical goods… sigh


It’s a good start. I think automatic subscription renewals are really predatory unless the person is right on top of it, and should only be implemented when expressly chosen by the consumer.


Agree. It’s a bit of a scummy way to get additional monies from a credit card. Sly, i say.

I got Amazon Prime - trial - to get some (well, most) computer parts. It was also helpful to my bestie while she was on vacay. Got to keep an eye on it.


Some early bird leaked the content of the next Humble Monthly

Full list of the games:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Void Bastards

Phantom Doctrine

Dead in Vinland

Horizon Chase Turbo

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Desert Child

X-Morph: Defense

Aegis Defenders

also we have an anonymus 4chan possible leak about the rest of the Humble December Monthly Unlock:

"The rest of December Monthly can be:

Rabi -Ribi
Mega-Man Legacy Collection 2
Hand of Fate 2
The Occupation
The Stilness of the Wind

edit: added hyperlinks for convenience sake


Ok IF I get rabi-rabi this month I think the failure to pause properly might be worth it. Hand of Fate 2 I wouldn’t mind either, and I just might want the january bundle for Blasphemous, void bastards and Phantom Doctrine