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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


I remember last year it was something like 5 weeks of no bundles around this time, and I think less and less bundles has been the trend. Probably trying to push monthlies where they get a bigger cut.


Im really sad I missed out on mechanicus in the monthly that just happened :’(

that game is like a kid me’s wet dream.

that was mostly a good bundle but hellblade won’t ever run well on my laptop and I want it on ps4 so I didn’t get it.

just wanted to cry out loud cause I’m like really mad like.

I’m defo buying next months cause its kingdom come and honestly I love the idea of that even if I end up not being able to run it, I’m honestly also not that interested in hellblade but I mean it won awards so…


I would probably have been happy with last month’s bundle. Both early unlocks being games I would have liked to play but not super excited about. Mechanicus certainly would have tipped the scales towards pleasing.

Neither 60 Parsecs nor Love is dead seems objectionable either, making road redemption the only dud in the package.

I too really might pick up next month for Kingdom come.


Humble Monthly: reveals:sparkles:


really looking forward to playing some Senua in the upcoming days :blush:


Completely agree, I used too much money last week on the steam sales otherwise I was gonna buy it earlier today >.<

I had this weird feeling there would be something good and I would miss it… though…

that’s how I got humble monthly in the first place xD

if you get kingdom come I’ll have at least one person to play with me :smiley:


I dont know road redemption looks cool to me, over all very good month. The early unlocks for next month look cool to (2 games i have been wanting to play. 100% picking them up


I JUST bought Kingdom Come :’) Thank goodness I hadn’t played 2 hours of it yet so I was able to refund it


Ok so i somehow fought off tempation to buy last month humble just for Hellblade and now they strike with Kingdom Come…Really , Humble,really?


Humble did up their game after not having any recent other bundles. So I guess that’s a good thing.

Even though it’s a good bundle and has some nice games, and I am happy to own them, I probably won’t be playing most of them until the year 202X (X likely being a higher value than intended).


I noticed that too, there’s a load of non existent or crappy normal bundles (the ps4 one at the moment looks good but you need to be in America to redeem it)

and the last 2-3 depending on your opinion monthlies have been great.


I really liked Road Rash back in the day on Amiga, same idea?


Pretty much yeah :slight_smile:


has that road rash remake had any improvements since it had the wave of hate for being a cash grab?


?what wave of hate, wasn’t and isn’t it (Road Redemption) pretty decently reviewed/received, or am i completely missing something/seeing a different page or game?


I think he is talking about Road Rage .


aahhh, i thought kyle was referring to Road Redemption as the road rash remake, since road redemption was in the bundle, and what was being mentioned here lol :sweat_smile:


ooooh sorry I too was thinking of a wrong game xD

I honestly thought it was one in the same, uber error on my behalf sorry >.<


So because I am a nutter, I forgot to pause Humble. Pftt

What do you guys think? Can I still opt out somehow, or is it worth just leaving it be since this month’s games are “good”?

PS: Kingdom Come is for August’s Bundle it seems.


i mean, i think it depends on what you like
personally i was willing to grab it/pay the 12$ for Senua alone, and the overall bundle being great (multiple wishlisted, only 1 duplicate) just made it even better value for me personally
but if you like none of these games/don’t got your money’s worth, your best bet is probably trying to trade them for games you actually want. Don’t think humble offers refunds after it’s revealed


I see and I figured, so I’m not too bothered. It’s not where I wanted money to go, but well, mistakes teach you to be more careful next time.

No idea if I’d like any of the games, since I can’t run Senua for sure and likely not Mechanicus.

If anyone is interested in a trade or something now or later let me know. Not sleeping well so pardon if I’m sounding abrupt - no meanness intended. :heart: