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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


I would be interested in Mechanicus I think, not sure what I might have that’d be worth you to trade for though.


I will literally have an auction fight with fraggles for it.

I.E. gavel throwing


I will cede it to you, if you’ve have anything Dana wants. I’m only moderately interested.


but… I didn’t get to throw anything :’(

honestly if she wanted them though I would give Dana every key in my collection for mechanicus.

and I would still feel bad, like I ripped her off.


I’m a simple woman.

I see violence, I upvote.

I shall give your gravels +10 dps by lighting them on fire. Enjoy. :fire:



my gravel gavels are the mighiest in the kingdom now :open_mouth:




it is spectacular that that exists.


@coralinecastell, @Fraggles, @kylehayman361

First of O_O. That escalated and resolved quickly, lol. Can always count on Chronies to make you laugh when the day’s been a bit meh.

Anyway, Kyle - check my Steam Wishlist if that helps. I wouldn’t think to go toe to toe for price, so we can chat and see what happens. It’s always good for a game to end up in a loving home, rather than being an unused key. :slight_smile:

Same goes for anyone else who wants to trade - Chrono has been kind to me, so I’m going the hobbit birthday route this month - trying to give back as much as I can. (Also, trying to get more sleep >.<, lol)

Also, Kingdom Come - want to speculate what else Humble can put in a bundle after that? I mean, like seriously! O_O


New month now so title has again been updated to reflect this. We need more weird games so I can make more creative titles.

Also for those of you who have played kingdom come, what makes it so worth drooling over?


I think Yahtzee has a differing opinion on Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

PS. 100% NSFW


Yahtzee always makes me laugh hahaha pretty good video, hadn’t seen it before. :poop:

And I forgot to reply to this: you’re making me regret not purchasing last month’s bundle more and more by the second… look at that absolute chublord… sigh :penguin:


Um… the what now?


I don’t know but I’m invested now


Yikes, that camera / weapon thing sounds awful though.


Dropping a random shiny thing I can’t run, but this is more my kind of thing than KC. The NPC is supposed to be useful, herm.


That looks super cool. I’m not sure I know what it is, but super cool.


Chub [ chuhb ]


1. a creature which is rotund; round, spherical
2. that which is considered thicc; fat, overweight

Lord [ lawrd ]


1. someone who has authority over others; chief, ruler
2. someone who is a leader or has great influence in a chosen profession

I hope this brings you enlightenment in regards to chublords. :star2:


@coralinecastell I take it this is where the Chublord be?



Hmm, it’s by Bamco, I think I’ll wait until it’s released. High chance of e-cancer (Denuvo) included.