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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


Oh I hope Moonlighter is good, been wanting that one for awhile. One that I want even more is Tunic though, looks amazing.


NGL aside from the black ops package that I’ll never use last months looks pretty decent.

though I’ve never seen most of them before today so I may regret saying that.


The downside to Red Gaction Guerrilla is that it’s cheap. You’re not saving much by getting it in a bundle.

On a more positive note, I have about 60 hours in the game. I have a ton of minor issues with the game, 99% of which the remaster fixed entirely. It’s definitely worth your time.

Also, Nvidia leaked the existence of a new RF title in the works (I expected this after they took the time to remaster a game), so it may be time to catch up and get your ass to Mars.


Setsuna? I’m guessing that’s a typo for Senua?

Can anyone tell me about these games and why I should or should not get this bundle?


Overall super disappointed with this month (the COD month, the new month looks amazing)


Whaaat Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter?? That looks crazy good to my indie eyes!

Woah. Hope you lucky folk are able to buy this one and enjoy! :+1: :+1:


Red factions key 4CIWL-A90EQ-4R7@8



Thank you greatly, that’s the one game in that bundle I really would have fancied.


I’m tempted to get a one month sub just for Hellblade…first time in few years now bumblehumblebundle looks interesting :>


I’m very happy I decided to pause my sub last month, except for pool panic and maybe Red Faction that is not my Shpiel at all.
Senua and moonlighter on the other hand, Come to papa!


Agree, both look very good. :slight_smile:


so i just saw the new monthly and it’s an insta buy for me… two game that i wanted in early unlock they stepped their game up… i didn’t even look at the unlock of the cod months


Cod month was terrible and I regret not pausing :’)


i regret even more not thinking/remembering about trading, and just clicking the “add to account” button willy-nilly :confounded:
even more of a waste :unamused:

ahaha yea, yes it is, i keep mentally swapping the name from “I am Setsuna” :sweat_smile:


Question. I paused and now Humble has told me my sub is unpaused. There is still a button prompting you to pay though. What’s up with that?


if i remember correctly even with a subscription you need toclick the “pay early” button to get teh early unlock, otherwise they will unlock only at the beginning of the next month.

it will just remove one month of your subscription before the actual unlock date

idk if i make sense i’m not all there


Nah, you explained it pretty well. The feature games are just a sneak peek at the next month, but if you pay early you’ll immediately get the featured games (instead of getting them when they reveal the rest of the bundle).


Ah okay. Thought I had goofed somehow. Thanks @CptMold and @bellegueule


Yah if anyone here wants a mix of zelda/shop keep all wraped up in a spicy rouge like ball of goodness moonlighter is for you. it has a good length (it took me around 20 hours to finish) and $12 for that game alone is worth it.


Ugh, I know the Steam Summer Sale is close, but isn’t this the 2nd or 3rd week in a row where Humble has no gaming bundles?
I mean it was pretty clear in last month’s monthly that they did not have many games to choose from, but still.
I’m pretty disappointed…