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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


I and probably many other who got the first two chapters of Journey Down in a bundle back when are very happy getting the third. I’ve seen the first two cheap on a sale so maybe wait for that.


ugh… I haven’t activated stuff either… so busy and tired working on organising this room. Got a comfy config now, so all left to do is toss out the clutter. le sigh

So if I don’t subscribe for the coming month, the keys for May stay in Library to activate anytime right?


They will always be in your humble key list. Don’t worry about them disappearing.

The only ones that go away are the ones that are freebies, after the supposed deadline, the keys are no longer visible.


awmahlawd dey done been so charitable to grace us plebs with these gold encrusted pearls, how could we meager swine ever be worthy of such magnificent splendor, how will the shareholders eat!

i wonder what happened behind the scenes to make someone fling over that extra mad 20$ to actually give/get the semi complete (probably not dead) mp game :thinking:
dang this month’s bundle reveal is gonna be interesting :smile:


I got an email saying zombies had been included in the monthly. But I couldn’t see anything on the site that reflected this.


It turned into the standard edition, which includes Zombies.


lol i love how things are so messed up, they manage to send 2 completely diff emails around the same time :rofl:
but yea, maoski is right on only difference between the two versions was zombies


Wow. This month must have done terribly. To be fair, “buy now and get half a game” is something so stingy that it could only happen with an Activision game.


Meh, I best cancel today… or was I supposed to cancel last week >.< Brain is frazzled.


I paused the moment I saw it :wink:


you still got a couple of hours left

May 31st, 2019: AUTOCHARGE DATE (for subscribers only)

so pause away quick people if you don’t want this activision “blessing” :smile:

i just can’t do that :persevere: too much fomo… and i know the rest of the bundle is likely to be poor on top of this probably but still… what if there is that one game i’d really like
(despite my xxx backlog already :confounded::man_facepalming:)


But do you really want call of duty in your library? :thinking:


Just over 6 hours left to PAUSE this month’s Monthly.

Do the right thing…


Paused last night. :slight_smile:


No :((((( NOOOOOOOO!!!1111!!


Reminds me of


well it would be my “blizzard library” anyways, aaand not like my steam library is unsoiled either regardless :sweat_smile:


oh god… what a gut punch… :tired_face: -that reveal was painful :persevere:
well, at least next month is looking super attractive already for me just with setsuna alone :ok_hand:
buuut i think i’m gonna try wait to see for one of those fraggles famous email discounts, to see if the cheapskate in me can’t somehow get a bonus to make up for the loss of june before i re-up this time around…
(i’m totally gonna get this month tho, either way, before july 5th :yum:)


I honestly liked this bundle, Duskers, 911 operator+DLC, and pool panic(we love local co-op games) was worth my $12 :smile: Also already traded BLOPS 4 away for 2 games we wanted so I am happy


I think anyone who actually wanted CODBLOPS would have been fairly pleased to also get Red Faction out of the deal. But the very same person would probably never even try any of the other titles.

I might have played some Red Faction myself, I’ve only heard good things about it. 911 operator also something I’d put a few hours into but no this bundle is certainly not one I regret missing out on.

Next month’s early offering is intriguing. Though Hellblade had a bit too much critical fawning and praise to a level I doubt it fully deserve and anyone going into it with those expectations is likely to find themselves a little let down.

Moonlighter is a game I wanted before it was released but far less so afterwards as it seems to have fallen rather flat in most aspects. I really want to want it though, I really wish it was good. But maybe I should just replay Recettear instead.