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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


makes you wonder if they got a hold of an old credit card you forgot to cancel :thinking: :smile:


I know i am out of the loop because i am only half reading things and I am in and out and get distracted easily. But…When did Humble start charging TAX???:exploding_head:

I got an email for the Monthly with a 3.00 discount. I wanted Wandersong and a LOT of the trove games because i don’t care if they are steam games are not, so I bit. Haven’t done it in a while, so they have some different games in the trove.

But I don’t remember being charged tax.:thinking:


For monthlies and regular store sales, around the same time that Steam started charging tax I think…


That’s… undesirable to say the least. I never been interested in AC games and have paused my humble monthly way back so this doesnt concern me directly but for someone who would be interested in that game that should be a major bummer.


unless i’m mistaken (or if AC origins is set different than The Division) then you can still gift the game, the person you gift it to just then have to link their uplay acc to activate it
Ubisoft does this to not end up on the “grey” market etc, and it serves little different function than how Humble offered previously with direct steam activation(before steam switched to browser activation), or even Blizzard key too ofc


Slight sedge way (spelling?).

I was updating my ITAD collection and noticed the Oxenfree I got as a monthly freebie had “General Audience” at the end of it. Any one know why?


Wow! The best email I’ve gotten was that three dollars off. I would’ve jumped like Delenn but neither of the early unlocks truly interest me so it was a pass. If humble wants to send more discounts my way later though…


i’m guessing it’s either a way to distinguish it for “RoW” use(non region specific restrictions) -don’t know if Oxenfree would have reason to have censorship or other stuff needing region specific version. Or differentiate between a review copy even
-or just a fancy/“live build” title


I’ve skipped the past two… I’m hoping there’s nothing good coming up in it haha

normally after a bad one there’s one with something I enjoy in it, but assassins creed isn’t one of them, glad they went back to only telling one game, makes it feels more risky haha, I like risky.


I initially was going to say segway. Unfortunately, those are a motorized…bike(?) of sorts.

The actual spelling is segue. which appears to be pronounced COMPLETELY different than how it actually is supposed to.


Yesterday I learned that it’s Anchors Aweigh, (not away). Gotta love ze English.


But you are still forced to play game on uPlay not steam. Unless i misunderstood something ;>

And well if that’s a case i assume that majority of Humble subscribers are steam users mainly and they prefer their game on steam .


That’s the case with most ubisoft titles though, even if you did get it “on steam” steam would just be launching uplay to launch the game. Having a steam key for a ubisoft game is pointless.


I’m pretty sure i’ve seen people playing Origins on Steam with Steam achievements and such.

Though something like Rainbow Six or For Honor just launches through uPlay anyway.


Yeah you probably have, but it’s still being run through uplay as well. You could just look at the steam store page and it’ll tell you clear as day that a uplay account is required.


what fraggles said
ever since 20xx’something uplay has been mandatory for all ubisoft games, bought through steam too
so the only difference getting origins from humble/other stores is you “only” get the uplay achievements, not steam, that’s it
you can still add it to steam as a non-steam game to show friends you are playing it etc -i even think you can use steam overlay in some games added as non-steam/outside shortcut -so all you really lose are the "steam stats"
and it’s rare that Ubisoft games get those super high discounts anymore, so the chance of getting it on steam for lower than this is probably slim. Thus one has to ask themselves, (since has to use uplay regardless), -is the addition of “steam stats” worth the extra premium i have to pay??


I am a huge fan of Humble Bundle. Since early 2015. In the last 2 years, half of the time, if a Humble Monthly purchased by me, it’s mostly me forgot to pause-a-month. I only un-pause if the reveal / early reveal games are my top wish-listed. 4 Humble Monthly purchased because I forgot to pause, 2 others HM I’ve purchased because I like their months’ reveal game A Hat of Time & Cultist Simulator. 3 other Humble Monthly months fused me with curiosity even I knew I cannot play these 3 titles (Pillars of Eternity, Overwatch, Killing Floor 2) yet. Good early reveal = the rest of the games should be fitting my personal liking. Even if they will not, I am satisfy with the headline games.

My current PCs cannot handle nor I am interested at any of AC games. But Wandersong has always been on my top 3 wish-listed games. I wanted a DRM-free version. Guess what? I forgot to pause 2 days ago. Don’t know if I “win” again. All I knew was that I’ve played 1 hour of Wandersong today and had a blast!


This months bundle in overview.

Singing to save the world from an oppressive colour palette?

Monster Prom
Weird visual novel dating sim, it’s not even Japanese! It’s got a multiplayer mode?

The Journey Down: Chapter 3
3rd chapter of a series of 3, I bet a lot of people are super pleased with this one.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Don’t know anything about this one, experimental indie game?

I am not a Monster
Dead multiplayer game.

Finding Paradise
RPG Maker game from the people who made To the moon.

Overall this feels kind of a cheap bundle to me. Even if all the games are good on their own this feels more like a random indie promo bundle for $3 on fanatical than what I think I would expect out of the humble monthly.

Had I for some inexplicable reason paid for this I would have had to really love Assassin’s creed or beaten myself up badly for this blunder. Getting it for free though I’m actually kind of pleased, these are all games I wouldn’t mind trying out but not pay for. Also I appear to have the Journey Down chapter 1 and 2 so this completes that collection.


Wandersong is supposed to be good, and fairly new game, not been bundled before.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is also supposed to be good, also fairly new game, never bundled. I haven’t played either.

Finding Paradise I am happy to have now, almost bought it a couple of days from Steam directly.

But The Journey Down: Chapter 3??? Unlike you, I don’t have the other two, so it’s just going to sit and rot for a while I think.

I am looking forward to playing the Assassin’s Creed game though, hopefully it’s halfway decent.


i got 2 wishlisted games out of this, Do Not Feed The Monkeys and Journey Down. Wandersong was a tossup between being gravy or “not bovered”, but i ended up adding it anyway
Finding paradise… well i got that over a year ago :blush:, so that will find another home, hopefully someone that also enjoyed To the Moon
i’m not a monster -somehow actually shocked they dared put this in… Not surprised they got it, must have been able to for pennies, devs probably happy to throw it their way for nothing to try and boost the player numbers… but yea, that move doesn’t smell so good to me
Monster Prom… well it got dating sim in its tag, so i’m unlikely to dare to add it to my collection :sweat_smile:, and even if Jesse really wants people to try this, i don’t think it’s my cup of tea
AC origins… meh, saves me couple of bucks not having to buy it “some day”… then again probably also first maybe gonna get around to play it “some day” :man_shrugging: (still haven’t even added any of the Humble Monthlies previous Uplay keys to my accs :smile:)