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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


I have Uplay, Origin, GOG, and Steam.

I should make a post ripping all of them a new one. Someone remind me this upcoming weekend.


make a post ripping Uplay, Origin, GoG, Steam, Discord and Twitch a new one :+1:
-reminder posted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never tried the Uplay launcher really - only wanted to play Prince of Persia Sands of Time and the Assassin’s Creed stuff they gave away one year. Dunno why people are so mad at it.

Steam is odd to me, but it doesn’t crash super often so I’m not that mad.

Origin works okay - have played Sims 2 and a bit of Plants vs Zombies.

GOG - only just started on that. No controller set up at all, so it’s Joy2key for that. Trying to play Alone in the Dark 1 - you know, one of those old DOS games where you die a whole lot. Saves, ftw.

I may be a bit obsessed with Edward Carnby

Epic - got a few of the freebies, never installed the launcher. Still would love if just play Hades - it’s so pretty, versatile and fun looking and the voice acting… :heart:


If you want some more kindling, I’ve also got Kartridge, which is the Kongregate launcher…


how exactly does Twitch fit into that list?


twitch client +prime games? :man_shrugging:
just listed everything i remembered that had a client and did games
-would have put Humble on there too, but they don’t bother with a launcher and doesn’t seem to force torrent on you with still having direct downloads
so yea, Twitch… :+1:
rip 'em up good Pylinaer ! :rofl:


there’s Twitch client games? didn’t even know; i know u get games from Twitch prime through Amazon prime, but i didnt know those went through a client, i assumed those were direct download or something

does Twitch sell games too? or is it just for free Prime games?


i’ve no idea man…
i just know twitch has a client, and does games
whether or not those 2 are even connected at all i can’t be bothered with(would kinda assumed was downloaded via amazon/direct download too),
-but they have both, so in my category they fit for a rippin :smile:

okay i actually did just bother to check, and according to this,news-27564.html

Any free games you get from Twitch Prime need to be launched via the Twitch desktop app

so they are definitely most deserving of a placement in the "rip 'em a new one"department :joy::+1:


They do sell games. It’s not very well organized, to be perfectly honest.

You can find their game store here:

after a Google search, it seems the game store shut down last November due to how little it was used. The fact that I didn’t even know that speaks volumes.

Well, Twitch, thank you for your service. You made me a DMC fan.


From my experience the Twitch client is the worst them all, with no features except for launching the games, and I don’t think you can even launch them if you’re offline. But they’ve given away some great games that I’m happy to play even if I need to use their client.


Twitch didn’t actively stop me from playing Devil May Cry HD on Steam, so still better than Epic IMO.


Reminder was supposed to be this weekend. As in, starting today.


alright, i’ve got all of them downloaded and have dabbled a bit with each. I’ve got flak for all of them already. I’ll cook up a post tomorrow with everything I can find.


Since the main feature of this month’s humble monthly was a Uplay title I was obviously not going to pay $12 to keep the sub going from last month. But then a couple of days a go Humble decided to send me a link to give a ‘friend’ a free month trial to the monthly. Which of course my good friend Alt Email accepted.

I hope the unlocked games are worth creating a new humble account for.


So AC:Origins they is offering now are not for steam?


No it isn’t even a uplay key, you have to link your ubisoft account to humble to redeem it.


i’m kinda curious what you have done to keep getting all these bonus promo monthly emails
:thinking: i wonder if it’s the whole “playing hard to get” that makes all the difference :smile:


Yeah gotta keep blueballing them until they just can’t stand it anymore. Dangle that credit card in front of them then pull away and cancel the payment in the last week. : )


ahh that’s why,
welp, i’m too easy, they practically own my credit card at this point and barely has to ask before going shopping at the mall :rofl:


This is the funniest part though:

I’M just such a loyal customer you know!
Wishful thinking on their part I believe. Or are they trying to guilt trip me?
Oooh… oh no they think I’ve been loyal? Oh my now I feel so bad about only buying the stuff I want, I… I guess I should get that 12 month sub now.