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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


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i’m that meta :sunglasses:



PSA - 5 hours left to pause if you want to skip this month.


Bit late now, but I’ve updated the title to more accurately reflect the contents of the featured games this month.


A new month is upon us, so what do all thInk of the previous bundle now that it’s fully released, and how does everyone feel about Assassins creed?


It’s a game I for certain wouldn’t mind having a go at for $12 but uplay can still go get stuffed so this is going to be a hard pass no matter what else there might be.

The April bundle I’m not entirely sure about, found the hidden games a little lackluster, there wasn’t really anything I felt great joy of having received.

She remembered caterpillars is one that I’m at least sure I’ll play, mainly because @coralinecastell played it last month and seemed to enjoy it enough to finish.So I guess I’ll go find out how she managed to forget caterpillars in the first place.

Tannenberg could be good, could be absolute trash too. I played Verdun for a couple of hours trying to figure out what was going on and for the most part had a decent time with it. But I was also coming in at the tail end of that game’s lifespan with only the most dedicated and veteran players still at it. Might be an idea to try it out early on while there’s still a lot of humble monthly newbies trying it out.


I recommend She Remembers Caterpillars if you enjoy puzzles.

But the dificulty escalates weirdly, and the art, music and story are the best parts of the game. :+1:

Also I think I playedt two months or more ago so I don’t remember properly. :butterfly:


think i’m more interested in odyssey to be honest
and then the whole "ac origins has 3-4x of drm"thing, so much so it noticeable impacted performance i find a bit… much, and off-putting as “principle”… like holy feck how much drm do you actually need o.0
and i’m also not (on the surface only have “looked” at it) a fan of the weird rpg like route they decided to go with silly loot etc -aaand ofc the accompanying ingame mtx :dizzy_face:
might be a good game, might be i even play it someday, but it’s not something i’m super eager and excited about to install right away or play “soon” :thinking:
but ofc since my yearly subscription is running i’ll get this month regardless :man_shrugging: being a total sap on account of the fomo :sweat_smile:


Uplay on top of Denuvo on top of VMProtect. And it still got cracked. (just over 3 months)


aye, that sorta stuff makes me barf… should be damn near illegal to impede paying customers then having to resort to cracks to run your (paid) products stable
and obviously, "always online"drm should be fn banned for sp games :unamused:


What Single player games? they’re all supposed to be "live services" now aren’t they?


Uplay isn’t the issue for me here…in fact if it was a Steam key I’d be less likely to be attracted to it (since Steam launches Uplay anyway, and I’d rather minimise unnecessary active processes)…nor is Denuvo…it’s the fact that is uses VMProtect AND Denuvo. I’m happy for you to want to protect your game…fair do’s. But make a choice…I’m willing to believe that Denuvo on it’s own has negligible impact most of the time, but just as multiple AV’s can interfere with each other, I have a hard time believing that both implementations don’t cause some form of bottleneck.

As launchers my experience with both Uplay and Origin have if anything been better than with Steam as they’re more streamlined.




Aside from the DRM and uPlay it’s a great deal, Origins is one of the really well done and polished games from the AC series. Just look up reviews and Steam, you can hardly find any negative opinions about the game and it’s rarity especially when it comes to Ubisoft. Not to mention it’s only one of the games and more is coming, it’s really a no-brainer for $12.

If you decide to cancel subscription plan right after buying, HB should display page where they ask you to “pause” the subscription instead and you get $3 off next monthly humble bundle.


I only like 1 Assassin’s Creed game




You know what…I’ve been using Origin a lot lately, and it’s a lot better an experience than Steam. The only annoying aspect is the way it updates. There said it…my experience with Uplay mirrors this.

I’m sure a lot of hate comes from people with little experience of alternatives to Steam.


the gestapo is on its way as we speak


They won’t fit…I’ve got the Spanish Inquisition here at the moment and what with their comfy chairs there’s no room.


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