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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


CHRONO deals for GOG I hope.


just bought the next month montly for the XcomLike, i dont planned on staying sub unless all the next game are a must want for me… would’nt mind a near automata, DBZ , dragon quest or FF Emo version (forgot the number, 16 maybe)


Yeah I got this months as it is definitely worth it for Mutant Year Zero by itself, anything else is just a bonus.


I’d definitely get it too if i could; looks like a great game; I’m hoping to be able to subscribe to Humble Monthly soon in fact, and then from that point on I guess I’ll never have to actually purchase a game ever, lol.


I’d be more inclined to sub to Humble Bundle monthly if I knew what I was going to get in the entire package. I mean I know part of it is the surprise, but come on. You could be subbing to games you already got or that are complete and utter trash. It is just really sketchy in my opinion that you only get to know 3-4 games until a month later.


You don’t have to pay a month ahead of time. I’m probably buying this current bundle, but I’m not going to do so until towards the end of the cycle. Who knows if the contents will be leaked or a rebate coupon might show up before then.


Once i can, if i can, I’ll subscribe for a year immediately, i find it’s an insane value proposition where u basically pay 5% of the price of the games, and it just feels like with time u have all the relevant games…


suggest you do it the days during the month where they have that 20-40$ Humble store cashback credit on first yearly sub if you do -boy it can kinda sting when you sub just few days shy of that :disappointed:


any idea when that might be? like around black friday maybe?


aeh, not really, just seem to pop up here and there, couldn’t even say if it was random or seemed to have some resemblance of logic to it (since you only get the bonus once/on your first time year subbing i stopped paying attention)
but the monthly steamgifts thread takes note of it when it pops up, and you should also get a promo mail when it’s time for them to do it with some big fancy capital lettering “Get mullah backsies in your pocketses for 1 year schmuckssubs -no takebacksies (unless we say so) :thinking: … or something like that, you get the drift, the emails can be pretty good at notifying for that if not popping in on steamgifts thread(or reddit too i’d assume)… :man_shrugging:
you’ll see it when it happens on the multi tiered sub page tho, the 1 year should have a given bonus written beneath with however much dollah you get in wallet credit when they are doing that promo


I can understand where you are coming from and the way i look at it is I only buy it if i think the revealed games are worth the price of the month sub alone. I this case mutant year zero has been nowhere near this price before and its a game i want to play, so its a no brainer. The good thing with the other games is if you don’t want them or already have them you can swap them on somwhere like reddit for some other game you like or for paypal credit.


Or trade them here, put them in a giveaway, utilize the game hole…


I mean those other options you mentioned are what I usually do but i thoguht i would mention options that would further benefit them and help justify the purchase


Why is nobody talking about the new Humble Bundle? :smiley:

It’s sooooo good. Such amazing value. It’s just that I already have most of the titles xD
I would only buy it for Niche, but then I don’t know what to do with the leftover keys.

Humble Strategy Bundle 2019

We did


it’s good definitely worth the bundle if you like to miss shotgun shot 2 feet away from the enemy,

i’ve used my free month of microsoft subscription thingy to be able to play on Xbox and i stopped playing just because i wanted to play on pc with full graphic and mods(if i can hope for mods)


unlike xcom, when yr 2 ft away i think u always get 100% hit chance, as this game only has 0-25-75-100% hit chances, so i think this can not actually happen here


I know X-COM 100% chance is code for: If it is absolutely critical, you will miss.


so, they just added Minit to this monthly… :dizzy_face: -idono if they’re planning something “big”, trying to entice and lure people in naow, to perform a “bait 'n switch” with epic store keys next month/soon :thinking: … but either way i think this month’s bundle is pretty okay with fairly new/recent released games :slight_smile:


Well, Humble is already doing something different with their giveaways. Tacoma is just a download…no Steam key.