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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


umm… I just realized… you probably saw EA as “Electronic Arts” not indie game in Early Acces… lol…

@Enki, and thank you for the reminder, I just made the purchase, I definitely won’t regret it. I didn’t know about the price hike and I am glad I found out ahead of time.


lol totally, actually i never saw the EA use for Early Access, that’s my bad.

my post was like… wait are you trolling me cuz that game look great… i would be surprised if electronic arts did something good for once :stuck_out_tongue:


These Realms of Magic look a lot like Starbound to me. Like, I’ve played Terraria, but the graphics, the proportions, the characters and the inventory - it doesn’t just remind me of Starbound, it just looks exactly like Starbound to me. Yet, the reviewers mostly mention Terraria. That’s a bit confusing. Is it just me?

And thanks for the tip, looks like a fun game, maybe gonna take this instead of Danganronpa V3.


Starbound is Terraria…in space. However, Terraria came first and is vastly more popular, so don’t be surprised when reviewers compare to Terraria, which is a 2D clone of Minecraft. I’m not dissing Terraria in any way (it is a very good game), but they’re all still derivative of each other.


Darkest Dungeon is 75% off on Steam until Friday (2/22) $6.24 USD

This is one of the most unique games I’ve played. It’s got some dungeon crawling. It’s got some JRPG mechanics without overloading you with stats. It’s got some management (and if you’re not careful, disaster will ensue). It’s got one of the best narrators I’ve ever heard in a game, and he’ll be with you Bastion-style all the way.

There’s a lot of risk/reward going on here. Your heroes are stressed out, but do you risk it and keep going? Very deep mechanics while remaining simple on the surface. Some of the battles are almost puzzles.

The game saves constantly so your choices (and mistakes!) are permanent. You can name all of your heroes, which makes it that much more painful when they die. When you start the game, this is the first thing you see:


savescummer extraordinaire :trophy:, -i shall not be foiled by such trivial matters as “perma consequence” :triumph:


Save game data location -




The narrator in Bastion is hilarious! ^-^ He definitely kept me playing.