You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)

Hi Chronies,

We have been discussing a lot of games regarding new releases and wishlists, and the discussions are quite fantastic. My wishlist needs to buy some new pants, because the old ones won’t fit. It’s gone from healthy and manageable to being obese. It waddles left and right walking down the hallway. The joints ache a bit, mildly arthritic due to the overeating lately.

Let’s switch gears at this time to focus on games that have been out there, but are currently on sale somewhere, whether it be Steam, Chrono, Fanatical, Humble, IndieGala, Gamers Gate, GOG, or wherever else they be available for a reasonably reduced price, since that always gets people’s attentions much easier.

So this is like combining your favorite games and what’s on sale at the moment. Let’s give it a try. :smile: By the way, this idea is courtesy of our generous dino friend, @yoshirules.

The idea is that if you ever see a game that you have already played, that you would heavily recommend, that there’s conveniently, a massive sale giving unbelievable discounts, and that the rest of the Chronies/Chronizens/ChronoKnights/Chrono-Goers/Chrono-Lurkers/etc would love to know about!

Please feel free to discuss at length, and if you love the game so much and bothered to write a review on Steam or elsewhere, please share with us too!

I will start:
Of my favorite games, currently on sale at GOG is Spelunky. @onLooSe was the one who introduced me to this game, and it sure is a toughie! If you are into a game that constantly tests your skill, your quick reactions, your judgement, this might be the game for you. You get better at the game over time through countless repetitions (actually the game keeps track of your deaths and wins for you). Even the best players need to be constantly on their toes looking for dangers, and trying to make the best judgement call every second of the game. (This last statement is my thought, I will gladly bow down to anyone who can lackadaisically play Spelunky and do well.) I have only managed to progress the story/adventure a little over 50% on my best run so far in about 32 hours of playing. I started to dream about the randomly generated levels, and planning out this imaginary strategy in my sleep. Too bad it doesn’t carry in reality, since my imaginary fingers can move a lot faster and my reaction speed in my dreams is faster than reality. :blush: Keep in mind that while this is such a wonderful game, it is not for everyone, but currently at 85% discount on GOG, you can buy the game for $2.24 USD (or whatever the cost is to you in your region, should be 85% discount still). It’s the kind of price that most of us could stomach to try out a game. I do think it would be better if there’s a concurrent Steam sale, since there’s the Steam leaderboards, and you can see how you rank among your friends. I do think a lot of people give up on this game due to its difficulty, but I am really glad I managed to get my hands on this game and have been enjoying my time with it. The critical thinking requirements is what keeps me going in this game. :smile:

Feel free to further discuss, share, or do as you wish. :wink:


I do love roguelike games with permadeath. I know they can be frustrating, but every time you beat the RNG you feel more satisfied then with any other game.(only to get a 100% would be very challenging)
So once more I would like to recommend this little roguelike game. It’s 40% off atm at steam


Nice topic @YQMaoski. I wholeheartedly second your recommendation, even though I assume most people interested in playing Spelunky have already done so by now (well, except maybe @coralinecastell and @Agzer).

I played a ton of a Spelunky on X360 (can’t believe it’s been almost 6-years!) and have probably logged close to your 32 hours. Never did beat it though. I got as far as the Temple, which I think is around the midway point, before I got frustrated distracted by other games. Picked it up last summer on Steam for $2.24 and hope to go back to it… someday. Are you looking forward to Spelunky 2?

Can’t think of any “must play” games that are on sale at the moment, but will report back if/when I do.


I’d say Rocket League. It’s not a MUST HAVE but it’s very enjoyable game that you can put thousands of hours into.
And I wouldn’t say it’s a MASSIVE SALE but it’s currently 12 instead of 20$.
Plus it’s a great game for playing with friends :+1:


I actually played it on my Xbox 360, it was a blast. I need to get into it more :smiley:


I second that, I have 95 hours and I haven’t got bored to this day


I dont like VNs in general, but I did love this one:

If you have a HM subscription it is historical low atm (only 8 hours left) at Humble The Humble Store: Great games. Fantastic prices. Support charity.
Finding paradise is the sequel to “to the moon” It is a standalone game.So it is okay that you didnt play the first one.
Ratings are overwhelming positive


I’ve never played Spelunky, and If I’m honest I probably only learned about it’s existence in the last year or so. However, whilst it looks nice and perhaps even enjoyable, the rogue-like elements and procedural generation of content turn me off the idea of playing it.

And looking at the current Steam discounts I’d probably recommend Bastion. I’m not one to ever wholeheartedly recommend games without caveats, and certainly Bastion will leave many people nonplussed, but I loved the atmosphere that the game breathed into everything. This was obviously helped by Bastion’s original USP…the narration, which I felt really added to the game. So what is it? It’s an action game with light customisation (I’m not sure I’d call it a role-playing game the way Steam does) and a fantastic difficulty curve. The weapons are all very different, and you can carry two simultaneously to vary your playstyle, as well as enabling various “Idol” multipliers which both benefit and hinder you. Personally I thought it was great and had an equally great soundtrack.


Well would you look at that, guess which game is currently on sale on gog.
And here’s why I think so:


^Fraggles recommended Mark of the Ninja people, you know the drill everyone: time to order another round y’all :beers:


I’ll also recommend Evoland 2 which just so happens to be on sale for a while right here! Again something I’ve mentioned before so hop on over to this post if you want to read why I think so


This post surprised exactly none of us. Nice one!

To be fair it is a great game!

Although I am a big turn based fan so I would have to recommend Invisble Inc. Also by Klei. Also on sale at GOG

It is incredibly rewarding and makes you feel like a proper spy! I love all the gadgets and the hacking, and the fact that the more you mess with the guards, kill them, KO them etc. the harder it gets with alarm levels rising, more enemies arriving on the level and guards and sentry units actively searching for you.

In short I love it, the Contigency Plan dlc, (also on sale) adds so much extra it’s almost a crime not to get it.


If you love HOGS and beautiful art and don’t want to spent a lot of money
I would recommend this little game, its on sale right now at Steam


(psst, i grabbed finding paradise yday btw, planned to play today or tomorrow :blush:) :+1:


Did you play to the moon too? I loved that one too


yup, and bird story, the sole reason i’m no longer dismissing "rpg maker"style games immediately out of hand anymore
i even left my comments here on the forum of the impression it gave with it’s “minimal” content, yet so powerful and “enough” despite it


Absolutely agree
Some rpgmaker games are very good (some also very bad)
Lisa and Doom & Destiny are also rpgmaker gems


Just like Flash, RPG maker is just a tool and games should be judges based on their own merits rather than what was used to make them. The unfortunate truth of the situation though is that the easier the tool is to use the more talent-less hacks will be able to put something out using them. This means that if you look at flash, RPG maker and these days sadly unity games you end up with an overwhelming amount of shite to wade through before finding anything actually worth your time. So I certainly understand the aversion people have to products of these tools.


ARPG, early access, pixel graphics, constantly being developed by one man, recently updated with hardcore mode, lots of fun, featured on Chrono in the past. :wink:


Game looks so cute
I wish I could play it, but I can’t its action (I’m really bad at it, makes me nervous :smiley: )