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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


If you do like puzzle/HOG/weird games. These 3 are a must buy. I loved all 3 of them.

And if you do already own 1 or 2 of them, it will be even cheaper to buy the bundle (I think)


Portal 2 is a MUST HAVE, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle games.
Ok I just checked and it costs 20$ soooooooo You should still buy it (when it’s on sale)


i would like to add to this, even if you are not a “puzzle”/jump game fan, try it just for the “narrative”/experience alone (tho start with Portal 1 if you haven’t first)
and, Portal 2 is repeatedly and frequently on sale for about 2$/90% off, -or at the very least <5$,
making it well worth to add to your "played through"collection! -if you don’t own it, wishlist it and move it to the top of the "priority when on sale"pile :+1:
(that and maybe try the Stanley parable too when it’s on sale for cheap)


can I be a chronogunner?

so I can pull the chrono trigger… :wink:


Don’t you like chrono trigger? (the devs just updated it)


I love chrono trigger?

pull is just what you do to triggers my friend.


:thinking:… no…
:point_left:pull my finger…



great if u just want to chillax as a cat


I agree very nice game indeed, good find :+1:


I tend to enjoy fishing minigames in other games, some are of course better than others. How would you compare this one?

It looks like it might be pretty good.


I don’t know rly, the only game i can remember fishing in myself is Stardew Valley, lol. This has a good amount of progress as there’s better equipment and upgrades and boats and hats and stuff, lol. The mechanics are quite ez, so I guess it might not be the most satisfying experience, but it’s quite relaxing and u rly do wanna catch just one more the whole time.

this is where i knew this game from so u can take a more in-depth look:


Daily deal at steam is an awesome one. If you like P&C games with a bit of supernatural in it, check it. Not a P&C game like those with an inventory, its an unique game.
Only to get 100% you have to replay it 3 times at least (I didnt feel the need to do that)


Alien: Isolation is on sale on Humble Bundle for $10, $12 with all the DLC.

Opinions on Alien Isolation seem to be all over the place, but I’m personally a big fan of the game. The game’s atmosphere is great and the Xenomorph is kind of perfect for the stealthy survival-horror gameplay. The game kinda drags during some of the later sections, but overall it’s pretty solid.


Aye, good choice. I think it’s one of the scariest games I ever played… I was playing in the middle of the night, dark outside and inside, with headphones on. Actually, this is the reason I don’t play to much scary/creepy games any more. This game gave me some nightmares. Now I am just chicken, just want to play to have fun…


Stanley Parable is a game I’ve been wanting for a while. And I’ve never gotten around to getting it.


ANYTHING ARTIFEX MUNDI!!! The artwork is intense, colourful and just amazing. I am not a big fan of HOGs but if it’s an Artifex Mundi, I just love them. And they have added more mini games…Adventure/Puzzles. Not too hard…just enough to tickle your brain.

Here’s 10 in a bundle…

And thank you to the people who have given me games from this bundle because they know I have ALL of them on my wish list.:joy::joy:


Have you played The Stanley Parable Demo yet? It’s definitely worth a play before the actual game.

I also enjoyed The Beginner’s Guide very, very much.

Another suggestion is Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald. It’s free.


-all. the. tissues… :sob:
(and that soundtrack too… :ok_hand:)

too much feels for just one gnome in a single day… :disappointed_relieved:


Wonderful story


Ok played enough to say this game is good, very good
It’s still on sale, okay not a high discount, but its supernew (and sold very well, I doubt there will be a higher discount soon)

I think Gamebillet has the best deal after that Fanatical 15% off and with this coupon an extra 6% off with SUPER6 (only 1 day left)