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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


i think it’s cheapest at GMG since they have that 22% discount “coupon” sale going atm ? :thinking:

(probably completely unimportant personal query (and far off raving speculations) that has no actual bearings on anything on GMG)

(tho i have no idea how they handle/do region lock games, since there is no mention of it on their store page, assuming they hand out “correct” region keys despite charging in £),
i should probably elaborate on that, usually stores geolocate me to € when they have that option, (and i know GreenManGaming do € for others, and $ for US), so i’m just wondering which/how they’d determine/“designate” my keys for instance (tho usually UK/EU do get the same keys anyways), but maybe that tiny bit “off” geolocation could cause issues for other countries/regions, with/if there is no apparent region notice on the store page :thinking:… -i think i’ve been spoiled by stores that state which/if a key will activate in my region/country :man_shrugging:
(tho price-wise, for the games i have bought there, i was fine with the £ currency charging, since those games were actually a slightly cheaper then)


All King;s Bounty games are on sale at HB. I you like games like HOMM or other tbs games. They are a must play
I loved them all
all 78% off's%20bounty


You Have to Win the Game is one of the best free games I’ve ever played. The sequel is on sale for 1.99 until May 14th.

If you haven’t played the first one, it’s free, and it’s awesome!


There is a game i like and i like it if you checked it out.


Want to play the most frustrating game ever? :laughing:
It’s on sale now:

Its not hard, its brutal. But so awesome…


This game is cheap, but it’s a lot of fun. Runs are short, so you are not dedicating a ton of time into it. A good way to kill off a few minutes, or if you have a good run, about 10 minutes.

I purchased it a few days ago when I read an article comparing it to Enter the Gungeon. This is definitely not something on that scale or magnitude. The game is less polished, less features, shorter runs, fewer enemies, but it certainly has that kind of a feel.

I wrote a Steam review of Skelly Selest because I thought it is a pretty good game for its asking price of base of $2.99 and current price of 25% off that makes it a really good cheap game. There are a lot of games that are much more expensive and not developed nearly as well. (Sale ends in little under 2 days from time of this post.)

It has full controller support and there are only a few buttons to use, remapping is completely up to the user.

Some runs have no balance, because you can get a good item/power up early and be over powered completely. I had a run earlier today where I just sat at the face of the boss and attacked, ignoring all attacks, because I had gained so much healthy prior to the boss fight…

But, it’s a good game to check out, so I thought I would share. :smile:


I’m going to put a different kind of recommendation here.
A game you should definitely get on the Chrono Coin shop

I hope it’s not out of stock :sweat_smile:


Reviews are mostly negative though?

Also, I’d like to recommend In Celebration of Violence, which is on sale for 50% at indiegala.


The reviews for Shoppe Keep were quite positive until the developers decided to move on to Shoppe Keep 2 instead of making the original better. Seems like a decent game, and the reviews were quite good about the game prior to this happening. Though it is worth mentioning that seemingly the game was not completed, from what I read. There are things that should have been fixed and instead of doing that, they just moved on. It will be curious to see whether they continue any kind of support bug fixes as they are now going to be pouring all of their attention toward the sequel. But, it is free (7000 Chrono coins) from the coin shop, so it’s a worthwhile consideration.


I had a long and complex thing to say but then I thought “Screw it” and say

Your Right :upside_down_face:


I got Skelly Selest because of @YQMaoski’s recommendation.

I’ve been playing this for over a half hour now, and it’s very hard!

There are bosses? I haven’t made it past level 2…
This is so hard!

edit: The little noise my skelly makes when it gets hurt is adorable.


Keep at it! It’s a really fun game, in my opinion. It’s one that you learn and get better at, for sure! Knowing how far you got at Mini Metro, I am sure you will be challenging the Steam leaderboards in no time!


I’m running around in circles and they’re all chasing me! I always get hurt when I have to quickly turn around to swing or shoot. I’m sure I’m just doing it wrong.

I played a few rounds of the card game (is this Triple Triad!?) but got slaughtered every time in that too.

I’m surprised I’m doing so well in that game, but I did think it was way too hard at first. I would have probably never played it if I hadn’t joined this forum. I’ll give Skelly Selest another go.


It does have a heavy resemblance, and it’s a tribute to the FF card game, for sure.

For me it’s all about learning their attacks and doing timely dodges, each different enemy has a movement/attack pattern. You will get used to it.


If you’re a sucker for JRPGs, you could consider getting this one here. It’s a simple sale and there’s also a demo available now.

It’s been re-released / extended, was called Earthlock: Festival of Magic before, and if you want to know the story behind this re-release, have a read:



Aye, that one has been on my wishlist… :smile:


fist bump for getting Earthlock 2.0 for free -having bought the original

(tho i still haven’t gotten around to play it) :blush:

wasn’t festival of magick actually here on chrono too once upon a time :thinking:


I’ve played 15 hours then something else made me stop, but I will certainly play the 2.0 and try to finish the story this time. I lost lots of time attending to my garden in-game! :joy:

My research say yes.


Earthlock was a game that piqued my interest when it launched last time, but it was clear it was suffering some issues so it got forgotten. Maybe this Fixed Edition is worth the time at some point.


Outland is 99 cents on the Humble store (.89 if you’re a Monthly subscriber)

Lookin’ at you, @YQMaoski


Special Edition (includes artbook and OST) is 1.39 or 1.25 for subscribers, but be aware that the DLC comes as direct downloads and doesn’t activate with the key on Steam.