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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


Hehe, thanks… I am currently in a state of not sure if I want to buy anything at the moment, too many games lined up to play already… Though this one I might get…


was browsing through humble in preparation for if/whatever bundle release too today
and came across this…
tempting… ? :thinking:

still undecided, also since i maybe had a few other options too in the back of my mind to “blow the wallet” on… :thinking:
-sorta does appear very tempting, Hollow Knight; only “2.70€” :smile:


definitely worth it, just ask @xist and @Fraggles


yup, the recent banter in “Recently Played” thread was what peaked my interest to the almost "i want to sorta try that naow"levels where i’m considering at this moment in the store… -good thing the sale lasts for 8 more days, plenty of time to decide or evaluate, get nudged beyond the purchase point etc etc… :smile:


You know you want it! It has no turn-based menu combat, and a lot of tight control mechanics. Huge world, I barely scratched the surface after playing for 7 hours… Story is good, art is beautiful. Nothing to not like about this game! I have been pouring a lot of effort into the curator page, otherwise, this game and Spelunky would take up all of my spare time…


It’s a must buy.

Hollow Knights world is dark and atmospheric, foreboding yet filled with mystery…you’re drawn to explore and expand your armoury of abilities to conquer more of the world and find out just what your purpose is and why the world around you is in disarray. It controls beautifully, looks lovely and runs on old hardware…plus it sounds nice too. The difficulty is pitched just right and whilst there’s little hand holding, the fact that you can explore in whatever order you want means that frustration can be avoided relatively easily.

My only complaint is/was the mapping system, but once you’re used to it it’s not a big problem. If you’re a fan of Metroidvania’s, or games with exploration and a gradually expanding world, then Hollow Knight is not going to disappoint.


I wish it were an explore and self-fill in constantly… without need of taking a slot to put yourself on there… ugh… I guess I totally forgot about that… lol…


Me too. Since y’all brought it up again, my thoughts have progressed to the “Fine, I’ll get it.” level

I’ve been following your stuff. You do some good work!


I have too. Where do you get the time? :weary:


Thank you so much!

I have been writing, writing, writing… And sleeping quite a bit less… :sweat_smile:


They Bleed Pixels is 80% off, $1.99 on the Humble store ($1.79 with the Monthly discount) for both a Steam key and DRM-free.

I’m terrible at platformers and don’t play them often because of rage, but the combat in this one is just so satisfying, it keeps me playing.

Kicking baddies into sawblades or onto spikes makes this platformer actually enjoyable for me. The sound effects are great. You feel the impacts. And pixel blood everywhere.

Another thing that saves this game for me is the checkpoint system. A meter fills up from spilling pixel blood. Once it’s full, all you need to do to spawn a checkpoint is stand still for like a second. I’ve never seen that sort of thing before, and I like it a lot.

Easily one of my favorite games. Such satisfying combat, and also adorable. Check out the trailers in the link below.

edit: By the way, the game is hard.


I bought Hollow Knight because of this thread.

Thanks, guys. I’ve been playing for a few hours and I’m in love.


You are playing under the influence of other Chronies… That’s a PUI in my book, totally cool, just beware the other games that you will be brainwashed into getting… :wink:


You brainwashed me into getting Skelly Selest. I’m still tryna play that, but I’m quite intimidated cuz I got my butt kicked so hard so fast. A rather significant update was just released, including changes to Triple Triad the card game, so I’ll probably give it another whack tonight.

Wish me luck! I’ll need it.


The bottom line is have fun… seriously…

And since you asked so nicely, Good luck!

Or as I had written somewhere before, GanbaRe GanbaRANGER!


Words of wisdom. Sometimes, I forget that I’m playing a game. Thanks.

Love it! :heart:


Just in case any one among you had not yet played this game. Here’s a good opportunity.

It’s not the cheapest it’s ever been, but it’s a decent price. If you’re buying for euro you’ll also get a 2 back as store credit because gog is a little weird that way.


Shouldn’t you be playing Tyranny? The clocks ticking…


The game suffers pretty badly with pacing issues in the start, there’s just so much damn reading. Most of it is interesting and gets you info on the setting but with the 4h I put in yesterday I’ve had 2 fights that were at the very start. Just arrived at a new location where I no doubt have 30 more npcs with hugely important BS to tell me.


there should be a TLDR option :rofl::rofl::rofl: