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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


It pains me to start from the beginning again but I’m doing it, just did an one hour run ( yes, I’m meticulous :rofl: kill everything carefully, explore all the things! ) and reached the “end game”, as in, the end before the release, but got my butt kicked since it was the first time fighting that boss. Gotta learn his moves! :man_dancing: I’m enjoying the new lore and can’t wait to discover the new items and secrets, it will take some time. hehe

Regions of Ruins is awesome, I have to get back to it and get the achievements, got almost everything uncovered in the game, apart for some remaining areas and dwarven secrets. Heck, I only played one of “classes”, there’s still some stuff to try out as well, lots of fun to be had! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. :ok_hand:


Gay wouldn’t be correct in this case (regardless if you use if just for men, or include women too) since some of the games touch on other LGBT themes than strictly sexuality.

There’s been a lot of attempts to reclaim the word queer, and with in the younger community it definitely has lost (or never had?) the connotations of the 60’s to 80’s. Also what @hivefleetbothan said.


Thank you! :+1:t2: Learned something new today. Never too old to learn.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s(Anita Bryant era. Scary times). At University I was in theatre and I loved to go to the bars. Had so much fun. But ran into some rough stuff too. NTM I lost about 5 friends to AIDs.


If anyone thought about getting this game, now it’s a good time lol :rofl:

How unfortunate and fortunate!


Good game, this is…


Wow, why is Region of Ruins so cheap? Well I hope it doesn’t mean anything bad for the dev, the game is insanely fun and well worth more than $2! Plus they’re so active with updates and they take all suggestions and feedback so seriously.


Damn mini screen…

Now I see why it is so cheap. lol that is unfortunate.


:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i mean… all they would have to do was open up the “settings” box again and put in the 4 instead of 7 if it was actually “just” a mistake, no?
(since discount errors happen and get fixed all the time ? :man_shrugging:)

anyway, i still haven’t even fired it up/tried it yet :disappointed:,

chronies react:



So I saw Gnuffi bought the rest of the hitman DLCs and wondered why, looks like they’re on a decent sale. A little annoyed that you can’t buy the Patient zero mission DLC on it’s own but have to get it through the bundles.

Which one should I get? Kind of weird that it doesn’t include that one other cosmetic DLC though.


I just got Hitman during this sale and it’s been pretty fun so far! The DLC stuff is kinda weird though, I wanted to get all the episodes without the cosmetic stuff, since that would’ve been cheaper, but I could only find it through a bundle, which is kinda silly.

Also, I’d buy the second bundle. It seems to be the same thing as the first, but cheaper. No idea why or how that is :smile:


You can see that in the first bundle, you have 7/9 things already, and in the second bundle, you have 9/11. So in other words, no matter which one you buy, you will get the two DLCs listed.

The reason there’s a price difference is likely because if you look to the right of the “Bundle Info” button, that the bottom one is a 30% bundle discount for the items you don’t have, and the top one is 20% off. So you are paying 10% less on the bottom bundle for those that you don’t have with their combined current prices. No reason to buy the top one… It would be a difference if you didn’t own everything else that are already in both bundles.


yea i didn’t get why bloodmoney costumes weren’t in the bundles either, guessing sqeenix wanted to nickle 'n dime everything when they released that as some preorder bonus excuse maybe?

i just wanted the campaign mission, like i mentioned during the Humble Monthly, for some reason they decided to not include that in their version, and i do want a “complete game” for when i eventually play it, and seemed like it this might be a rare chance to get it at anything higher than a 60-70% discount, so yay for essential bundle discount being magically higher, -for the exact same remaining content :smile:


Stop living in the 90’s and early 2000’s :smirk:… Complete games don’t exist anymore!


Yes! @YQMaoski Spelunky is amazing! Really difficult, but once you start to get better at it, it feels amazing! I was terrible at it for a long time and then I just got super used to the controls randomly and instantly fell in love with it! (Even before when I was terrible I still loved this game) Unfortunately, I lost my save and I don’t even know how (save files like to do that sometimes) and tried retrieving it. But to no avail. It happens. Luckily it is a rogue like so it makes me feel less bad. But having to get the tunnels again and everything is a bit annoying. Never beat the game but, it still is an amazingly fun one! :grin:


Resurrecting this thread as I feel it fits, how do you guys feel about BDO (Black Desert Online)? I’ve heard good and bad about it, and it’s cheap but looks fun. Have any of you played it before?


BDO is very bland and feels like you are playing a huge fetch quest, it also feels like you are playing a single player game


Single player doesn’t bother me too much but bland does. Thanks for the thoughts!


I see a few people here have it on their wishlist, just a small notice that the price for this EA game will go up by 50% after the autumn sale


idk if you troll or not cuz the game look actually nice


I have been keeping an eye on this game for a while, the current price is definitely reasonable for this game. My funds are rather limited, since I am seriously thinking about saving up for a big computer upgrade myself. My compy is rather old all over, the only good part is the graphics card at this time.

It’s been in EA for a while, so it’s a perfectly legit post about an EA game that’s about to have its price go up.


/s /s