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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


I would like to let you know that somehow I still didn’t have this wonderful game


A friend gave me a spare key yesterday so now I do!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


I am curious about these games, anyone played them and want to give me an idea of whether to buy them or not? During the summer sale, I was eyeing this for the same price for a while, then decided to back off… A lot of you folks out there have them or have them wishlisted, anyone played and want to share some thoughts?

This sale goes on for a while yet, so I am safe, and it looks like it’s often for this price. I am definitely going to wait until after the humble bundle release (or not) later today before making any decisions.

Darksiders Franchise Pack - 7/24/18 - $4.99
Has Humble Decided to Abandon Us?

Darksiders 1 is an absolute steal at 4bucks, it’s a really fantastic casual hackity slashity game
everything is just awesome in that game, i simply can’t recommend it enough :+1:
darksiders 2 is a little “less”, -compared, but still okay/good (tho that’s just my opinion some might think it’s equally great/better)
getting the “pack” is not a bad choice

i’m really really hoping they don’t fck Fury up this fall :heart_eyes:


Thank you, @Gnuffi! :+1:

Just purchased!


I liked darksiders 2 a little better than the first one, I think. Thought I can’t entirely say why, I finished 2 about a year ago and 1 at some point many years ago so 2 is fresher in my memory.


yea, and you’re not the only one that thinks that either i’d bet :+1: (+darksiders 1 were more fresh/recent in my “play-memory” hehe)
to me i think it was about the non-combat parts, story/“lore”, cutscenes, questing, loot
didn’t really enjoy that as much as the “linear” more regular’ish action adventure experience and story Darksiders 1 seemed
Darksiders 2 tried a bit too much “rpg’ness” for me maybe? despite the action/combat being smoother, might have been due to expectations? dono, Darksiders 1 was just more down my alley, and the one i chose to subsequently replay again and again :yum: thus sits as my choice as the top of them (for now, :crossed_fingers: Fury)


Uh oh… now when you start abbreviating the game that way, you may have people thinking otherwise about which games you are talking about… lol…


but but i’m lazy and cba to type out darksiders each time… i mean, it’s like… :point_up::v::love_you_gesture::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:… many letters :thinking: :dizzy_face:
/effort :sweat::man_shrugging:


Darksiders 1 is a masterpiece. If you can deal with the early filler challenge-rooms (which were made worse for me because I was using a Steam Link at the time and had 50ms of delay behind my attacks), it’s practically a must-have.

Darksiders II is a game I still need to finish myself. Right off the bat, I can say that it lacks the kind of focus or structure of Darksiders 1. It starts off strong with the initial mission, then you leave the opening area and get thrown into a world that just lacks the same kind of draw as fallen New York. It sped up combat and added a strange Diablo style loot system that left fans very divided.

I also need to point out that you should play the remasters. Darksiders 1 is a mediocre PC port, and Darksiders II is practically unplayable. Warmastered is a perfect remaster with 4K textures and remade 1080p60 cutscenes by the people who made RF: Guerrilla Remarstered. II Deathinitive is made by Gunfire, the original Darksiders developers within their new studio (they’re also making the third entry). This remaster came before the other and suffers from a few outstanding issues. There was a DirectX 11 patch in the works for this game, but it never came out.

Either way, I highly recommend buying the franchise pack. I’d pay $7.49 for Darksiders alone, and Darksiders III will tie into the story of DSII according to the developers.

I don’t see how. He’s clearly talking about Dead Space 2.


and talking about stuff i really enjoyed in Darksiders 1
(slight ingame moments/spoilers in the video maybe for people that haven’t played yet)

since i looove Mark Hamill’s joker, it was no surprise i loved this “annoying” character of his in the game :blush:, and i think his VA was just top notch :ok_hand:

DeathSpank pt1 and an order of Dim sum nr.2, obviously :smile:


Darksiders is great. I played that a thousand years ago on Xbox. I remember expecting it to be mindless hacking n slashing, but being rather difficult and making me think.

I probably payed $60 for just that game on console, so $7.50 is certainly a steal for both. Wow, PC games are so cheap.


I know… it’s great. I was snatching up $15 games for console before, thinking, Ohh I got a good deal… I now sit there and think, and think, and think, and think…

before I pull the trigger on a $5-10 sale game because ITAD says it was cheaper once 3 years ago… :rofl:


Getting the best sales is like a game in itself. Every time I’m playing that “game” to save 50 cents, I think about the sales game costing 50 cents more. Like microtransactions. It helps me pull said trigger.


Darksiders warmastered edition was added to origin access, btw.


I saw that! If I could just get Origin to stop giving me error messages over my library, I’d love to check out the games they added. The Witness and Orwell [2]: Ignorance Is Strength are also on Access now.


A few nice games on sale because of updates

▼New translations available

▼ Now available on Mac and later Linux

▼Launch sale


I found this in my travels around the internetz… 50% off the bundle.

Maybe I am not in the Loop any more but I would have preferred them calling it “The Gay Games Bundle”. Am I wrong?


Honestly, I couldn’t say… It is probably a toss up which one a person may find more offensive (at this point I don’t know where the usage of Queer stands). However, I will say that queer is a word that I really want to go back into circulation as a term… it is just a unique word.

In terms of this bundle I think there really isn’t a way to name a bunch of games so nobody would be offended when it is about such a hot button issue for folks.


And more!


^i second that! :smiley: I’ve been having a blast with it, -keep having that "just one more death/respawn/run"itch :blush:
very satisfying, runs like a dream ofc, can’t believe they packed so much awesomeness in just 500MB lol, definitely a recommend for people that like some action and so on

damn, still haven’t even tried Regions of Ruin yet @Enki, even tho i bought it a while back on your recommendation/playtime :disappointed:, nor even Earthlock come to think of it… dang it… :tired_face:

i’m with you delenn, :+1:
i get why they call it queer nowadays, but to me, gay just sound more positive/“upbeat”, and queer sounds “bad” in my head/when i hear it, even before any supposed negative connotations of “strange”. So even if it’s to “reclaim” the word, i’d still prefer a more “cheery” sounding one. :man_shrugging: -does that make me “too old”/“out of touch” these days ? :thinking: :older_man: