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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


Heh, that’s a fair point. I suppose I’ll see how long I can last before taking all the DLC I can get. I’m just really excited to get out the Oculus for this game… or terrified, depending on which track. :wink:

(fyi, that was back when I had an R7 360 and played on a 720p RiftCat emulated device… aka, Google Cardboard with hacks. It looks WAY better, normally.)


y i don’t have VR myself but i can imagine the epicness


OOF. Now… I just want to say going into this. I have no beef with Beamdog. This is all in good fun. That’s why it’s unlisted and less than a minute long. Now, let’s commence with the memes.


One of my favorite games is on sale for 50% off at Humble, 55% if you have the monthly discount:


this games has taught me:
apparently you can die an awful lot, in a very short amount of time… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :triumph:

:smile: :rofl:


So true. :slight_smile: Lots and lots of deaths in this game…


I’ve been lookin at Enter the Gungeon for a while now. It’s on sale on GOG too. I think it’s about time to pick it up…

Yay! More games I don’t have time to play! :scream:


Killer instinct is 75% on Steam until June 17.

Looks beautiful. I hope it plays as well as the N64 KI.

There isn’t any DLC (aside from the soundtrack), so buying the game includes all the characters and costumes, just like old times!


I’m almost surprised that you didn’t opt to pick up Spaceship Looter from the coin shop.


Think “N64 + New Mechanics”, inasmuch as the N64 version used the mechanics of KI2, which this version is heavily based upon. My only beef with the Steam version is that they didn’t include the full version of KI Classic that came with the XBOne version, but the Win10 players got shafted on that front as well, so it’s not like the Steam users are the only ones missing out. It’s also worth noting that Cross-Network play (between Steam, Windows Store, and XBOne) is limited to Exhibition, Lobby mode, and Shadow Lords MP, so no ranked play with anyone who is playing it on the MS-exclusive side of things. That being said, it’s still the full version of the game, with everything except the promo skins from the action figures. For ten bucks, if you dig fighting games, it’s a no-brainer.


I don’t know anything about this game. I’ll check it out. I have enough coins, although maybe I should save them for the next 40,000-coin game.

I bought Enter the Gungeon on GOG, along with Furi and Transistor. I also picked up Firewatch and What Remains of Edith Finch. I think it’s time I got around to seeing what that’s all about. I also picked up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. TotalBiscuit said his favorite video game moment was “that” moment in Brothers. He didn’t say what it was, just “that” moment.

Speaking of Furi… You MUST play this, seriously… (while it is on sale)!!

Lowest price it’s ever been. $8.99

Some of the best boss fights I’ve ever fought, and the game is all boss fights. Multi-stage boss fights. I can’t get enough. It’s not just hacking and slashing; it’s very strategic, you circle around each other waiting for openings. You have a specific set of moves, and it’s up to you to learn how to best use them. There are no upgrades (so far). It’s just you and the boss.

I really liked the combat system in Killer Instinct Gold. It wasn’t just memorizing rote combos and then just using the two most powerful like in Mortal Kombat; it was much more fluid and dynamic.

I didn’t even see the price. I saw 75% off Killer Instinct and just clicked “Add to cart”.


Whoa, there! Buy the Windows 10 Store version instead! The Steam version runs on Steamworks, but the Windows 10 version runs great and has full crossplay with Xbox One. Also on sale for $10 over there.

If you’re afraid of performance and all that, they have an F2P version you’re free to download-- one free-rotation character, no cosmetics, but no other penalties. Just trust me when I say it’s the definitive experience. Don’t be worried about it. I’ve run it on computers that have no right to be running moderrn AAA titles. You’ll be fine. Just get the settings low enough to run at above its 1000 point benchmarking system-- and chances are you’ll be close to if not at max settings, as the game was designed to hit 900p with a perfect locked 60 FPS on the original Xbox One.

Said F2P Version (unlock Jago permanently by playing through Tutorial, always has at least 1 other character in rotation)

Characters can also be paid for individually for $5, if you really just want to main ya boi TJ Combo for life and don’t feel like playing anyone else.

I will say that, mechanically, it’s up there with MvC 3/Infinite, Soulcalibur IV, and Tekken in terms of my favorite fighting games. The chain-combos system is intuitive, it has the greatest fighting game tutorial of all time, and it just PLAYS SO DAMN WELL.

On presentation, though? It’s unmatched to this day. NOT EVEN TEKKEN 7 TOPS IT. I suppose that’s what you get when you hand over every studio role with the word “sound” on it to Mick Gordon. Not complaining in the slightest, and if you are complaining, well, you’re a madman.

Since we were talking about OSTs the other day anyway, I just want to drop a soundtrack that’s VERY CLOSE to my favorite… and also the objectively greatest game soundtrack of all time. Individual per-character themes, all EXTREMELY personalized, incredible sound design using some pretty clever tricks, visuals TIED to the musical dynamics, and most importantly… the per-character, musically in-tune, extremely violent (but still T rated) and EXTREMELY physical return… of the ULTRA COMBO. OH. MY. GOD.


I’M BACK [TO RISE] (TJ Combo’s Theme, Season 2)

INFERNO (Cinder’s Theme, Season 2)

Not Mick Gordon… but RASH’S THEME (Battletoads Guest Character, Season 3)

General Raam’s Theme (Gears of War 1 Guest Character, Season 3)

Maximillian Dood using Instinct cancels, Shadow Linkers, and Wallbounces to land a 218 hit combo AFTER THE MATCH HAS ALREADY ENDED IN A SHOW OF ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE AGAINST A HELPLESS, HUMILIATED, AND ALREADY-DEFEATED ENEMY

If you’re skipping yet another textwall from me… all I can say is that KI2013 may be one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. No matter if you’ve never played a fighting game before, if you’re a seasoned vet… you owe it to yourself to play this.

Let Max do the talking. The moment you launch the game, I expect your reaction to be nothing less than this:


Whoa, this music is really great! Also very nostalgic cuz the melodies are still there. Great, now I have to pick up the soundtrack too.

Thanks for the info about the different versions of this game. I already bought it on Steam, and I don’t care much for playing fighting games online. It’s never been a good time. I get slaughtered in seconds and then trash talked. Like, I beat game on hardest difficulty, and now all of a sudden I suck. Maybe I just had a series of bad experiences, then got scared off forever. In any case, I don’t mind that I can’t fight Xbox folks.

What I would like to know, though, is if there are any differences in content? SoulCalibur did that thing with Yoda and Darth Vader on different consoles. Any “exclusives”?

Yo, this soundtrack is just amazing. Holy crap.


The only change is the fact that Microsoft will have a larger, crossplay playerbase while the Steam version was DoA. I actually would recommend buying a more active version, as it increases the chance that you’ll run into similarly skilled players instead of the 2 total lobbies that have been playing since launch to this day. By crossing over with a console playerbase, that makes it way more plausible. It also means if you want to talk to a friend that’s on the fence about the game, “go download this free game” is a lot more convincing than “go spend $10-30 on this game in a genre you typically don’t even like.” My other reasoning is that, well, there’s really no version difference otherwise. Steam just cuts you off from Play Anywhere (a free Xbox One version) and crossplay features in exchange for a Steam library entry with Family Sharing support.

To my knowledge, KI2013 on Steam still has all three seasons, including three guest characters:

  • The Arbiter (Halo 4)
  • Rash (Battletoads)
  • General Raam (Gears of War 1)

The real version difference is that the Xbox One version (not to be confused with Windows Store) is about $10 more and includes Killer Instinct 1 and 2. They’re modded to support online play and are overall fairly competent ports by people who care. The other big draw is that either Microsoft versions will support Play Anywhere, meaning you can play on either platform with a single purchase and it will cloud-save between them.

I can’t really give you any guarantees on Season 4 content, if they ever make one. Double Helix was bought by Amazon, so the series kind of stopped after that with a final 3rd season developed by Iron Galaxy Studios. That’s also where the Mick Gordon contract ended, unfortunately, though the S3 OST was still pretty good-- just not on Mick Gordon’s legendary level. I think the game has run its course already, though I would buy Season 4 on the spot if it only existed.


@Fraggles, quick question about this deal:

Special Edition DLC? Worth it?

I am finally going to get my hands on this copy on Steam, just curious if I should buy the DLC too… Thanks in advance!

I bought it anyway… :stuck_out_tongue: It wasn’t too much more, and I felt like having the complete game. :smile:

Oops… I bought the components individually… Lost out on the bundle price… lol… Now I gotta go and chase after Steam, to see if I can get a refund and repurchase… what a pain in the butt…

Hey folks, don’t make the mistake I did…

Here’s the bundle:


The special edition adds a new level and a new way to replay the existing levels if you want to. It’s probably worth it at 75 cents.


Yeah I’d say it is, the extra level is pretty good, rather different to the base game and as @snake153 says it adds to replayability.


the special edition sounded good to me so i picked that up too at the time without much hesitation with that content, and @fraggles mentions ofc (still haven’t gone through more than the first lvl tho, sry fraggles)


Of course I would have to mention this here, again… :slight_smile:
80% off, seems like a good time to pick up this game.

Of course there is a freeware version from official website as well with not so stellar graphics, so if you want, you can try out the game for the next almost 2 weeks before deciding to buy the updated version. The gameplay should be more or less the same, the graphics are different…


I have a few

Feel free to ask questions.