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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


Man I still have that on the N64. What an awesome game. I somehow glitched my version though, all of my pod racers ended up with near maxed or at least very high stats all of a sudden and I don’t know why. Not complaining though, as a kid who crashed into walls in that game a lot it was great.


This is a super duper fun and relaxing game. It’s described as a minimalist strategy game but it’s more like a puzzle game. It was one of the games that really stood out to me from last year, so I highly recommend it especially as it’s quite cheap. Here’s my review:


75% off. It has a free weekend starting now.

It’s not a historical low price though.

I can play the free weekend though!


I highly recommend this game.


I can second that.


Dirt rally 2.0 is still on a really good sale over at Fanatical, I would certainly recommend the game. I’ve recently taken the step up from the slowest and weakest class of cars to those slightly faster and find myself struggling to control the cars again, but I’m having fun trying.
12,64€ for the full GOTY edition, 7.81€ for the standard edition if you just want half the game.
The deal runs soon, 1d14h as of this post.


I think this is lowest price it has ever been at so far so yeah . Honestly this game looks amazing so if you ever thought of getting it it’s a prime time ( and show me some screenshots :smiley: ) .


Best played with friends tho… which I lack


I have it. I love it. It is one of my favorite RPGs in that genre. The graphics are insanely beautiful, the designs of the world–buildings, levels, characters etc–is really cool, and the lore is even better. :slight_smile: Plus, you can roleplay a lot of the stuff in the game, making it more “you”.

I would definitely recommend the game, especially at such a low price. I did play a bulk of my time with friends, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it without them.