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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


Yay! I hast it and installed and been tired, busy or distracted with other things to play it, eheh.


I’ve played for around 80% of the game a couple years ago, until something took my attention out of it. It’s a good game with an engaging story, satisfactory combat, bundled with nice atmosphere and music. I will probably give it another go after I finish the current game (hopefully). :rofl:

I do recommend if you like JRPGs and cute pixel graphics. One of the best RPG Maker creations out there.


I do mein sloth. Some insane part of my mind would play FFV and VI again, but the grind, oh dear slugs and snails, the grind.


Never played, but it’s 80% off ‘historical low’ and looks interesting, I’m kinda tempted.

@nebula7 @delenn13 It’s on your wishlist, there’s someone else, JPBelmont but I don’t recall their username used here in chrono. :c