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Winter Sale 2018 + Cards


dang, well that bites then, sry to hear
:crossed_fingers: hoping it’s just steam being slow and buggy (and that it appears in inventory “later”/inventory refreshes), and not Valve turning around and being stingy all of a sudden :confused: -tho the faq change does make one wonder :thinking:


Yeah it would be neat if it just shows up later as some have reported. I just want the knickknacks for the badge tbh.
Thanks anyway!:sweat_smile:



Something’s gone awry with the whole calendar it seems. The door for today is already open for some reason and saying to check back tomorrow. That door shouldn’t be possible to open for another ~2h.

It’s getting hard to tell, since I’m not paying too much attention but I don’t think I’ve gotten anything either.


i have been paying attention to my inventory, and we definitely didn’t get anything
i’m starting to question Valve employee’s competency regarding this whole crazy cottage thingy
guess will see what happens at 7pm, -give me my dang free digital tat Steam! :triumph:


Okay, I spoiled myself, and got Stellaris (I normally do not play games like this), Empyrion - Galactic Survival and Space Engineers. Whoo boy. Also, got Starbound. Which, as you can see, I’m a huge fan of space travel and space games. :laughing:

This should keep me well occupied while I wait for Kingdom Hearts III! Expect many screenshots! :slightly_smiling_face:


I really want Stellaris myself, but it suffers greatly from Paradox disease. In that it has a steady never ending flood of DLC dripping out of every orifice. I’ve talked about Paradox and their business practice before and I’m still sure that the game is entirely fine in it’s base form and all the DLCs are probably, mostly, worth the price. I just really don’t like feeling like I don’t have the full product, even though I shouldn’t and the DLCs are indeed expansion type things.

Just really wish they’d make a goty version at some point and make it affordable so my collectors urges wont make me feel unhappy with my purchase.


I understand that entirely. I know someone who has 1,000 hours in it I think and really likes it, but he doesn’t feel comfortable recommending it to people because of the DLC practices of Paradox. They not only push out DLC like crazy for every title they make, their DLC is outrageously priced and hardly ever drop decently even in sales. And then there’s so many of them. It is almost Sims levels of expansions and pricing. Luckily none of the stuff is actually mandatory but still…

Unfortunately they can get away with it and might never make those collector’s/GOTY editions because people keep buying the DLC. If there was a demand to make a GOTY edition, they’d definitely do it, but their game is so popular and the DLC sells like hot cakes, they don’t have to think about it.


Got another trove thing today. Soarwind Sword. I really wish I could crush them into gems/delete them.


you and me both :+1:
can’t even sell the stuff, because the market is ofc flooded with millions that don’t want that useless f2p tat either that they’re never gonna use…
suppose they can go along with my mighty quest Underpants :thinking: -that i could never sell too :man_facepalming:
… i wish steam would stop this f2p marketing like that :confounded:


Steam provided the background wallpapers for this season event if someone were interested

(PS. Discourse gently hinting at me to be quiet :smile:)


Seems weird that they’re so proud of them…personally the only ones I really liked were BestAltHistory and MostFunwMachine. LaborOfLove is passable too.


i quite enjoy the cozy cottage pic myself,

think it’s rather… cozy :smirk:


Several of them are actually pretty good, unlike 99% of the older event wallpapers. None that I would bother downloading but decent nonetheless.


Btw does anyone want to trade the backgrounds and emoticons they got from the cozy cottage? I got a bunch of crap for games that i don’t care for (Monster World Hunter, Hitman 2, Paladins, Realm Royale, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Payday 2, Hearts of Iron 4, Planetside 2, The Witcher 3, Path of Exile, Warframe, Brawlhalla, Subnautica, Dota 2.

I temporarily made my profile public so that you can see exactly which cozy items i have (search keyword “cozy”):

(please don’t send a friend request)

Edit: I’m keeping Fallout 4 bkgd, junimo emoticon, skyrim emoticon, and nuka cola emoticon.


If you got the Vanu Sovereignty icon for ps2 I’d be happy to trade for it.
You do, I’ve sent a trade offer.

edit: Thank you.


@M00 might be interested in that Payday 2 :cozyteddymoo: emoticon.


Just needs to offer any other cozy emoticon in exchange.


well, now that u mention it, i saw @Gnuffi use it once and liked it, but didn’t know what it was or where it came from, so now i just went and bought one on the steam market, lol


sold all or turned into gems to sell, whatever seemed better at the time, lol


I crushed all of mine. 100 gems is approximately $.03 maybe more if you find a good booster pack to make.