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Winter Sale 2018 + Cards


I’ll sell my unwanted ones later, i just thought i’d give others a chance to get something different first.


I completely forgot about this event for the last few days and didn’t finish my card collection. Anybody want to trade me the Best Developer card?

I’m close to crafting the badge twice, so if I could get two of them, that would be even better! I have cards from other games to trade, plus the wallpapers and emotes.


I always use the trading bot here:


I have a lot of the Winter Sale Badge Coffee emote… Anyone in search of one of those?


Thanks, I’m trying that one! Hopefully they accept trades with 15-day holds. Offered them my one 3rd spare for the missing Best Developer card. Would be nice to do a 1:1 trade for a second copy of the Best Developer with someone though, most bots do 2:1 trades across sets and I’m out of spares from that set.


I had one leftover, the only one. Just went to check and it was purchased today :c

Was in the market for 24h :pensive:


isn’t there a deadline for making this badge? i thought so, but i might be wrong.


February 2nd