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Winter Sale 2018 + Cards


It’s that pre-sale tease again… I think they don’t really have to do this, people know plenty well ahead of time that the sale is coming…

Anyway, we can see that it will be 8 cards, so a little bit easier to level up compared to the summer badge, which was 10 cards, I think…

What games are you really hoping to get on a good discount this sale?

For me the top of the list is the new Katamari game…


since i “just” got darksiders 3 i don’t think i’ll really be looking much for games this time around, +i’m just waiting for Grim Dawn expansion :blush:
-buuut you never know what happens if something gets a nice smashing 85+% discount :yum:


I want pink level like Gnuffi, so I have to do some card farming and trading as soon as possible :cry:


I have 7,37 € from selling junk, but there’s gotta be something really good for me to consider buying. Half of my library is still untouched! :man_facepalming:


Good thing DayZ is free to play for 3 Days. It’ll tell me whether or not it is worth any money for the Winter Sale.

I do hope Kenshi goes on sale again, too. I really want it. Oh, and Pillars of Eternity!


I‘m curious to know if you‘ll like it! DayZ often splits people. You either love it or hate it.


Almost didn’t recognize you with the new avatar.

I am not buying anything, but I have been saving up card sets to get a few extra cards for this sale :wink:


I’m freaked out by the new avatar…I can’t abide change! The world has turned upside down and I don’t know which way is up any more…

I’d just like The Witcher 3 GOTY edition to drop to a great sale price…it’s one of those games that I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while. But given it’s a CDPR game I doubt it will…


I wanted something more personal instead of an internet image… I have adjusted my steam account profile pic as well. Primarily it was b/c I am not trying to create some commentary content on YT. So some half-drawn artwork is being used right now for my YT channel art… i thought it was time to use more than the default (no image on channel)…


I’m quite impressed if you drew that yourself (I have all the artistic skills of a lump of coal). It’s just a bit “faint” or lacking the density of your Legend of Heroes avatar.


It will take a bit of getting used to and you are hiding your BEST HAIR!!!:open_mouth:


Much thanks to my wife, who proffered the pencil sketches. My drawing skills are worse than that of a lump of coal.

So far this and the YT cover art are just pencil sketches that need additional work. But overall I am rather happy with the results.

I think my hair still looks rather glorious in the profile pic. :slight_smile:


It just looks so…W H I T E !!! Instead of Black…Like I said…Got to get used to it!


I’m going to get 100 copies of Garfield kart


I think it will be black soon… :slight_smile:

This is just a test image. :slight_smile:


I’m not looking to buy anything. Only to make more Steam credit by selling the holiday trading cards.

Also, i’ve been stockpiling completed trading card sets to jump up to the next tier for booster pack drops (level 40) so it’s pretty exciting for me to craft all those badges! Do you know how hard it is to not click that button to craft the badge for a whole year!?


It does drop quite low on sales. Well worth the cost.


sadly though, the truth is that the difference is barely noticeable actually, if at all


Shhh! It’s an excuse to open all those sets that i haven’t touched in more than a year in some cases!


Well, been playing it. It runs great, when everyone says it runs like hot garbage. I have a really old, terrible GPU and it runs really well. The only problem I see is that it desyncs or something a lot when around zombies, or rarely enough, randomly.

Beyond that, I don’t think I don’t like it because of the game itself, but the genre itself I don’t think I like. I had a bit more fun with it than Rust though, which in that, the veterans were murdering every newb in sight…