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Winter Sale 2018 + Cards


Just a quick reminder for the Winter Sale cards:

1 card for each vote in the Steam Awards categories = 8.

Sale goes for 14 days, and during each of the 14 days, three cycles through your discovery queue gives you a card each.

So 14 x 3 = 42 cards during the sale for flipping through those queues. Just get to the end of the queue each time and a card will pop up.

Each normal badge crafted will result in an additional card. The usual…



and u get backgrounds+somthing-else-can’t-remember-the-name in the cottage thingy thingy


emoticons and “knick-knack” knick knacks supposedly used to help lvl up some knick knack badge thingy (among other?)
-wouldn’t know steam bugged out and didn’t give me my knick knack like others are complaining about on the forum, gg, wp yet again Valve :clap:


i did get the “knick-knack” and “ate” it (it was a chocolate orange) and i think it supposedly would also give me (or do) something when i “ate” it but i already forgot what that was supposed to be…


gives you 25xp towards your knick-knack collector’s badge


^if this happens to you, do what it says in this post
edit thought it would onebox it, gonna make a quote here too then

[quote=Hrcak;1744480966986544332]I got the last item by opening the page in the >browser and editing the page source, so that the doors are closed again.

This will make the click trigger again and it will grant you any missing items.

Locate the element with the open doors for day one, and change :
cottage_doorset cottage_door_open
cottage_doorset cottage_door_container

If you changed the correct element the doors will close and you will be able to click >on them again.

It will only grant the missing items, of course. [/quote]



not so sure about this… :thinking: last time i did that it didn’t turn out so well :grimacing:



Thanks @gnuffi, I didn’t even know my knicknack was missing. Got 2 icons out of the door and figured that was it. But now I got myself a chocolate orange as well.

“You enjoy a few slices of Chocolate Orange after violently banging it against walls and floors (and gently banging it against some heads, for laughs).”


I ate a candy cane without considering its potential to be used as a sharpened instrument.

It’s like steam read my inner monologue and fulfilled my only wish during the holidays (to be less violent!).


Just a friendly reminder for everyone to go cycle through your discovery queues and get your 3 daily cards! Plus sale items!


Items? What items?


The “knick-knacks” a variety of odd things that when consumed levels up a badge.


I’ve gotten two items. If I eat them how many XP does it reward? I wonder if I wanna sell or keep them.


First level of the badge grants 25Xp I don’t know if I can see what future levels provides.


Oh well, I will just eat them then. Thanks for the help, though! :slight_smile:


Each item eaten grants 25 xp


I got some Lip Balm today, amused to see that the button said “apply” instead of “eat” as it did with the Chocolate Oranges.

“You use the lip balm – easy now, only a million uses left in THIS tube.”

Alright then.


There are also socks, you can"wear" them. :grin:


aaaand today Steam gives bs tat for some nonsense f2p game… serious steam, you didn’t learn last time when you gave out swimming trunks?? :disappointed:

meng, i hate it when a present looks all cool gift wrapped, but when you open it it’s just something stupid :frowning:


I tried opening it without knowing what it was. Thankfully Steam glitched out horribly preventing me from opening it, and I was able to find out what it went to before I opened it.