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Winter Sale 2018 + Cards


yea, me too, read a couple of posts you supposedly can’t even market it after unpacking it, “binds to account” or something someone mentioned, so glad now i can still sell it… -for 1cent :confounded: :man_facepalming:
still better than having that game and item tied to my account tho :+1:
(just hoping it actually does sell “in time” since the market is obviously flooded with that stuff now) :grimacing:


please tell us (YQ and me) what was in the sword … we both couldnt open it :thinking:


After using 5 knick knacks, the badge now reads 5+, it’s diminishing rewards. The first 4 were 25 xp each, now the 5th one only gave 20 xp… :frowning:


you can’t open it unless you “own” the f2p game Trove on steam
and then when you have Trove added to your steam account, if you do open it, all it gives is an in game item (apparently in the form of an “item DLC”) -which is then bound to your account ofc


Thanks I was so curious :smile:


aahhaha i did have a speculation they would pull something like that when talking to someone about how cheap they were at the market (12cents lvl up vs 25-30 for card sets/badges) :smile:
boy oh boy, valve you never fail low expectations


What’s with the calendar always telling me that each door may contain items from certain games. Now my guess is that you might get emoticons for said game? But otherwise I’m suprised as the presented games are all up my alley and don’t random? More personalized? Like the ads on Instagram, because they know exactly what I buy? :smiley:


Not all personalized, for example that Sword for the game Trove that a bunch of us have never played. But it’s nice that you find them right up your alley. :slight_smile:

Other than that one in-game DLC item, I have had other emoticons and backgrounds, those I am okay with as well. :slight_smile:


I didn’t get anything Trove related, but what I’m talking about is the daily doors. When you hover over them it says, hold on… “Contains works from [Video Game]” and they are all games I’d like to play or get shit from?! Like maybe I don’t know what’s trendy, but it seems like it would have other titles advertised if it were constructed for the broadest audience possible, knowumsayin?


lol i completely forgot about the “ads” on the calendar :rofl: -i just pop the door and loot the spoils as fast i can and leave :smile:, wasted effort on this “customer” Steam it would seem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am in the same boat. :slight_smile:


It’s getting worse…

They dropped the number of XP before the next display badge level even:

From what I gather, here’s how it breaks down so far:

1-4 knick-knacks: 25 xp each

5-8 knick-knacks: 20 xp each

9-10 so far: 15 xp each

(probably every increment of 4 knick-knacks yields less xp)


I’m thinking about getting Scum, been watching some videos for it (my interest increased from DayZ but that game just was very flat) for a bit. There’s more RPG elements to Scum, but youtube videos generally edit out the amount of bugs. Anyone here play it? Opinions?

Also, anyone hear of Empyrion - Galactic Survival?


Hold on, why is your 5+ badge worth 195 when mine is worth 120?

I’ve used 5 knick-knacks, does it go level 1-5 and then just stays at 5 until you reach 10?


Yes, that was my screenshot after using 9 knick-knacks, I included how many knick-knacks have been used in my screenshot above.

Then the 10th, you get a 10+ badge.


I advise u to watch some streams (or VODs) on Twitch - seems like a (soon to be) dead game to me though - so that u can get a better idea of the actual gameplay experience


Alright, not sure what to make of the streams, but it lead me to Steam’s community and I saw that its below 4,000 people on the game daily. I’m not sure what to make of that beyond it seems pretty low, especially compared to DayZ which people say is “dead”. I can deal with Early Access bugs, I don’t mind that whatsoever, but I don’t want to buy another game where it dies within a month. lol

Thanks M00, I’ll just wait a bit. Hopefully it won’t become ridiculously overpriced like DayZ and remain like so for 3+ years.

Guess I’ll keep looking…if anyone has anything worth looking at, lemme know. :slight_smile:


When exactly is a game dead? DayZ for example has a small playerbase but an extremely passionate one at that.
And since Scum is in the same camp as DayZ, going for realism, the players will most likely be the same, although it is very young and it could all change in a couple of patches.


I would argue that a game is “dead” if you can’t find a game within “reasonable” hours of use.

Example: If you try to get into a pickup multiplayer game of Space Marine, your timing needs to be impeccable, because most of the time there are very few active maps or players looking for games.


Well I just found out that at average, a game like Insurgency: Sandstorm is barely topping 5,000, not that much higher than Scum, and far lower than DayZ right now (last I checked, it was getting 9,000).

But what I always counted as a “dying” game, or rather a show of it, was a steady decline in players. I haven’t been watching Scum’s playerbase for long, so I was wondering if anyone here knew how far it was dropping (if at all). It is about 2.5-3k right now,