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Winter Sale 2018 + Cards


You can get all that info here if you want it:
Make what you wish out of those numbers, though worth keeping in mind that we’re looking at the holidays right now so numbers are not going to be what they might ordinarily be.

There’s an odd spike for twitch viewers on the 19th, must have been some sort of special event then.


not necessarily, probably just a big streamer who played it for a day; let’s say Soda, for example, picks up a random game for one day, as variety streamers tend to do, then that game might go from 13 daily viewers to 50k just that day

edit: well, just as i suspected, i quickly looked if i could find any scum twitch clips from the 19th, and it turns out Forsen was playing it that day, so that alone should account for a viewer increase anywhere from 13k up to a possible 35k


Just an update, I used 2 more knick-knacks, the xp increases are getting minimally small. Only a total of 20 xp for number 11 and 12 combined.


yea i noticed as well
seems like they are sticking true to decreasing xp by 5 after each 4th use
25, 20, 15, 10xp now :disappointed:


Wow, thank you Fraggles! I didn’t know about this site, very useful! This actually makes me feel a bit more confident about the game. It only released August 29, 2018 and it has a 3k people online ordinarily. For EA, I think that’s pretty good.

The problem I might have had with DayZ, I think, is that loot was extremely, extremely rare to find, so you were constantly–and I mean constantly–starving or dying of thirst, but I’ve watched dozens of videos of Scum and it seems like its rare to find, but not frustratingly impossible (plus you can craft and scavenge). Sooo…I think I’m going to test the game out. I’ll know soon what I think, at least. :laughing:

Thanks again for that info Fraggles! :slight_smile:


I guess they weren’t joking when they say up to 3 items per day, because I only got 2 today.


I think you need to refresh and click on the door again. 2 Days in a row it bugged for me and got only 1, but when I refreshed the page my notification counter increases with +3. I hope I’m right, cuz this will suck a lot if you can get less than 3 :confused:


You were right! I would’ve missed out on that third item if it weren’t for you! :smiley:


y, me too, same thing happened to me and tried it now and it gave me the third one :smiley:




I just got 1 yesterday…


If you check your inventory you still get three though…it just displays funny on door opening.


Nope I did all I could. All I got was a subnautica postcard, no knickknacks or anything extra.



3 items per day, guaranteed, even says in the faq


No the FAQ says up to 3 items, but there have been 3 items every other day so it logically should be.
My guess is that Steam was just ass yesterday, I swear it barely loaded anything when I tried to navigate.
Some have reported getting their items days later so they might be coming I guess.


will they changed the faq then, :man_shrugging:
it used to say “straight up” 3 items in the faq, which was a bit confusing to some, since the top text above the doors said “up to 3”

but it’s definitely 3, since you can force it every time to give you the remaining items when it bugs out via above quoted methods,


They did change it yeah, I’m sure it said 3 items a few days ago.

And no this did nothing for me.


use the browser store
(logged in ofc)
and do the element picker method, this has worked all the times it bugged for me


damn… dropped hard to 1 xp per use :grimacing:, that’s rough goings then here

-and not even a badge/icon change at 20??! comn Valve :triumph:


I know how to do it, that’s no issue. It just doesn’t give me anything more.:ok_hand:t4: