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I have been thinking a lot of what I should have done or NOT done in my life lately because of all this Virus stuff. I wish time travel existed but then we would have to have something like the Prime Directive and not change things and we would have to have time police that would put us in a time out. Because I would want to change things because why have time travel and not be able to change things. And then others would go back and change what I did and then others would do the same. And what do you do if you meet up with your younger self? I just made a decision…no more thinking :thinking: Just get on with the giveaway.

Like the title says…It’s all the keys I can’t use because I already had them. All 26 or them( I got 24) but …hey, it was for charity and a good cause. I have also included the OS so you know what works with what.

Must be a member of the forum for 2 weeks.
Must have 8 badges.
I want you to answer this question…
If Time Travel existed would you go back and change something in your life or change history before you were even born? Tell me what you would do and why…
Please list games in order of how much you want them. I will be limiting the wins to 3 games each if need arises.
Can enter for 15 games ONLY!!!

Ends Next Monday…July 6 at Noon EST( around the same time the Daily Deal changes).
Suck up to @discobot because he will decide who wins the games.

I am sure I have forgotten something(I always do). I reserve the right to change everything.:scream:

A New Beginning - Final Cut Win/Mac

Age of Wonders III Win/Mac/Lin

Armello Win/Mac/Lin

Broken Age Win/Mac/Lin

Company of Heroes 2 Win/Mac/Lin

Endless Space® - Collection Win/Mac

FTL: Faster Than Light Win/Mac/Lin

GoNNER Win/Mac/Lin

Hyper Light Drifter Win/Mac/Lin

In Between Win/Mac/Lin

Kingdom Classic Win/Mac/Lin

Kerbal Space Program Win/Mac/Lin

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Win/Mac/Lin

No Time to Explain Remastered Win/Mac/Lin

Overgrowth Win/Mac/Lin

Overlord II Win/Mac/Lin

Regular Human Basketball Win/Mac/Lin

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Win

Spelunky Win

Super Time Force Ultra Win/Mac/Lin

Surviving Mars Win/Mac/Lin

System Shock: Enhanced Edition Win

System Shock 2 Win/Mac

The Ball Win

This War of Mine Win/Mac/Lin

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Win


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


If time travel existed, and that’s a big insurmountable if, I’d prefer to go forward. The prompt is about backwards travel so I guess I’d for sure go back and do something for/to myself.

Thank you very much for running this giveaway, a lot of pretty good picks here. Most of which I have already. I’d like to enter for the following, please.

  1. Surviving mars
  2. Overgrowth
  3. Super timeforce ultra
  4. A new beginning

This kind of thing always give me a headache, because no matter how much I think about it I’m convinced you would get stuck in a time loop. But I’ll throw out that stuff for now and try to think more simple.
If we’re talking about the past I’d head back and check what dinosaurs had feathers and probably cause some apocalypic butterfly effect while I’m at it. Honestly I don’t have much I want to change, no matter how much I’ve hated my life.
Going forward would be more interesting though. Say a 1000 years into the future to check if we’re even on this planet anymore.
Not entering for anything, just wanted to talk time traveling.:peace_symbol:


Well time travel already exists , we are constantly travelling forwards in time. Also general relativity allows of time dilation which also could be viewed as sort of time travel . So yeah,that said i would go forwards,i would like to see more of universe explored and it’s secrets revealed.

I would like to enter for :

  1. FTL ( FTL is obviously impossible but if someone could travel at speed of light he would at the same time travelling in time because things travelling at speed light doesnt experience time at all from his own perspective) .
  2. Hyper Light Drifter
  3. Kerbal Space Program
  4. Surviving Mars

Thanks @delenn13 !


Well, I’ve been thinking about time travels recently :thinking:.
If they exist, great you can go back in time wherever you want, but you can’t change nothing, because if you change it, there will not be a reason in the future to go back and change it, so if don’t have a reason its simple, you won’t be able to going back and change it and nothing will happen, its like the time protects itself, but i don’t want to ruin the reason of the GA.

So, i’ll go to the medieval age, no specific year, just wanna see the lifestyle.

Entering for:
1 Spelunky
2 Surviving Mars
3 Kerbal Space
4 Kingdom Classic

Thanks! @delenn13


If time is linear, time travel to the past would cause paradoxes. Like if you go and kill your grandfather before your father is born you would stop existing but if you don’t exist you can travel to the past and kill your grandfather. So the only way time travel to the past would be possible is if there is a multiverse, in that case when you kill your grandfather you create a new timeline in which your father and you don’t exist, but you still exist because you came from a different timeline.

In regard to the question I have some regrets like everyone of course but not any major one, and my philosophy is to always look forward so no, I wouldn’t change anything.

  1. Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing
  2. Spelunky
  3. Super Time Force Ultra
  4. Kerbal Space Program
  5. Knights of Pen and Paper 2
  6. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
  7. No Time to Explain
  8. Regular Human Basketball
  9. In Between
  10. This War of Mine Final Cut

Thanks for the giveaway!!!


If I could go back in time I would attempt to stop my mom from ever meeting my worthless father. Sure it would also mean I wouldn’t exist, but my mom would have had a better life had she not marry my father. And in extension having me as her son. My mom had a bright future when she was in her teens as she was discovered and almost became an actress once, but her conservative upbringing hindered her rise to fane. When she was in her 20’s she was rediscovered and almost had a career as a Pop Singer, but she chose to Marry my father because she was preggy with me. Think Marge Simpson wasting her life away for marrying Homer Sinpson. But replace Honer Simpson with Eric Cartman and you’re at the close approxination of how much my mom wasted her life. And it’s not an exaggeration, my father is crap and I am too greatful that he’s nothing more than ashes in an urn gatheting dust in a cabinet we don’t ever open again.

And oh, I am entering for “Broken Age”.


Would I travel back in time? Generally: nope nope nope! The chain of causality is too delicate. The sheer number of events that had to line up for everything to happen the way they did just boggles the mind. Mess with any of them and I would expect massive, unpredictable changes downstream, most of which result in you not existing. Or getting stuck in a 12 Monkeys scenario. The only conditions under which I would even consider it would be short jaunts, HP Time Turner style, to fix something in the immediate past.

Put me down for:

  1. Kerbal Space Program
  2. Overgrowth
  3. Armello

there is time travel (time dilation as time is relative) and there IS time travel, so traveling forward is possible it just need a lot of energy to make a diffirent…
As for time travel back in time, if its possible (like I would survive it, experiencing Big Bang is a tempting idea.

Game list:

  1. Kerbal Space Program
  2. Knights of Pen and Paper 2

And thank you for the give away (^.^)


Thanks a ton for the giveaway, been interested in these for a while!

  1. Armello
  2. Kerbal Space Program

If I could time travel and tell myself one thing it would be to pursue marine biology. It’s something I’ve always loved but chose not to pursue for whatever reason. I’m not at a point in life right now where I can become one or study to be one, but it’s something that maybe one day could be fulfilled…


Another great giveaway! Thanks @delenn13 And what a great rule! (time travel question)

Time travel… there is too much to say but only theories and nothing substancial.
I think if time travel would exist then we initiate a multiverse (if one didnt exist already and we just gain access to it). So going back and forth makes you leave one place and go to another universe, or so would be my guess, since I really have only guesses. You better make a way to travel back before you go because you never know where you will really end up in my case of being curious (aka stupid) as i am.
I’d go back as far as I can, maybe somewhere halfway God creating earth and all :smile: see how Adam and Eve fuck up :stuck_out_tongue: and then go all the way to the other side, see how it all ends.
After that go back here and play some games and feel happier about where I am, knowing the answer to the most asked questions in human history. :peace_symbol:

I’d like to enter for a few games too since there are a bunch of games in there i’d love to play.

  1. Knights of Pen and Paper 2
  2. Surviving Mars
  3. Hyper Light Drifter
  4. Overgrowth (Looks weird but interesting)
  5. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
  6. Kingdom Classic (Might just buy this one if I didnt win it. just 49 cents!)

Nice titles in this GA! Thank you so much for the chance!

If time travel existed… man did this came to mind often. If time travel existed, im not sure if I could change history, but damn sure I could change my own. I would go back and overwrite the times I have been a douche to someone, even if well deserved. I would also do even more good where I could have. Nothing extraordinary, I know, just how I feel. Why would I do this? Well, why not? Kindness doesn’t need explaining, it explains itself.

Titan Quest
Kerbal Space Program
This War of Mine


Time travel: so simple and so complex. Simple because we usually think of going back in time and do/change something. Complex because what would be the new future after we would do/change that something? Would things be better or worse? How many more times would we go back again because that thing we did/changed had unforeseen consequences?

But if I had the chance, probably I would go back and warn my father to never accept going to the new working office 7 years ago. It was what accelerated the Alzheimer he suffers today. He’s 62.

I’m in for:

  1. Hyper Light Drifter
  2. No Time to Explain Remastered
  3. Super Time Force Ultra

Thank you very much for your generosity.


I’d go back to 2005, when YouTube was just starting up, and make an account. My first video would be a news report about when scutoids were discovered and the reporters were calling it a “new shape.” It would, of course, be titled “Scientists discover new shape” with the description “money well spent.” Then, using the scutoid as my profile pic, I’d immediately shift gears and start a game review channel, but I’d only review games that would come out years in the future (Super Mario Odyssey, Snake Pass, Hover, NieR, etc.).

That channel’s name? Pretentious Hipster
because I played those games before it was cool.

Entering for Super Time Force Ultra

More apocalyptic than the meteor?


I would like to enter for surviving mars please. I would tell myself to buy google no matter what.


I think about that question all of the time. lol For history, I would go back to when the Romanov family was executed and stop it from happening. I would of course also try to get them to safety. I think about how they were murdered and it just completely upsets me. :frowning:

I would only like to enter for:

  1. Kerbal Space Program
  2. Spelunky
  3. Hyper Light Drifter

Thank you for the giveaway! :blush:


Possibly. Alternatively it could also be a positive effect. More than likely my involvement wouldnt matter at all unless I really tried.


Thank you very much for the giveaway <3
This time travel thinking just hurts my head :confused: I would not want to go back in time I’d much rather take a peek at what the future holds. I am just happy that some things are behind me and i don’t have to think about making those decisions, giving me the possibility to redo any or all of them just sounds like a whole lot of anxiety.
I’d like to enter for:

  1. Armello

Ah, time travel. A concept that can be pretty interesting if handled well, yet terrible if thrown in just for the sake of it.

If I could time travel and show up in any location of my choosing during that particular time frame (a la Doctor Who), I would probably go and meet some of the people that I looked up to/made some of the things that I like who I never got to meet before they passed away. (ie. Satoru Iwata, Manny Yarbrough, Fujiko Fujio, etc.) It would be pretty fun to get to sit down and talk with them for a while, despite there being a language barrier with some of them.

I’d like to enter for the following games:

  1. Hyper Light Drifter
  2. Knights of Pen and Paper 2
  3. Spelunky