What good black Friday deals has everyone found this year.

I got Dragon ball fighter z for the switch for $30. what about everyone else?


Technically doesn’t count but eh. Fanatical has some great deals i’m currently eyeing. Bought both Yakuza 0 and Valkyria chronicles a couple days ago to a combined 17.34 euro.(about 19 and a half dollars)


I spotted a couple ones but they are not worth the effort for me going trough all I need to go to buy on-line.


An Off White scarf for 30% off :speak_no_evil:


a nice speaker and a phone :male_detective:



I splurged and bought a new computer, due to some newer games not running well lately… I won’t have it until 2 weeks from now, but I am super excited. :slight_smile:


Furnish us with the details later, always fun to see what systems people build. I just bought a new harddrive, just another cheap 3TB for my storage setup.


I went by the lazy person’s solution for a pre made computer… I have put together my computers in the past, but I just wanted something nice fresh out of the box this time…

It’s from Best Buy, currently still on sale:



That’s honestly not a bad price for a prebuilt (at least from an eu perspective), considering the awful price of the 2080 and all.


Do you mean you tried building one and then you do this? Who hurt you that much?


Found several great deals but didn’t have $ to buy any. :upside_down_face:


Which ones??? I know that you have a 1060 at the moment, but what CPU is in your current PC? And what resolution are you playing at, with what level of detail?

Little jealous of your new PC, though the 20xx series concerns me (and I suppose Nvidia shareholders).


For the sake of having such a good deal (or at least I thought it would have cost about that much for me to put together parts to make this myself) and not having to deal with the individual parts, making sure I have all of the right drivers, checking, double, triple checking compatibility, etc, and the most annoying thing is the rebates, I decided to go with the pre-built system. It was just a personal decision. Of course my wife had it on her phone and waved it in front of me to tell me that I should treat myself, so it wasn’t too terribly a hard decision.

Here’s the upgrade I am getting with the new one, the old cpu is a server PC, dating back from 2012, my MB is similarly old, 2011 actually.

I have been running on 8 GB of DDR3 ram for a long time, so it’ll be nice to have a generational upgrade, plus the doubled memory.

I have been playing usually at 1080p, and loading times were horrible even with the lowest settings on this game:

I just looked at the store page, and the reviews are terrible. So maybe the optimization has something to do with it as well.

But I have also had issues with bottlenecking at the HDD from video recording from time to time on top of trying to load and run larger games. I have had to try to load and save onto different HDDs to make some videos smoother, and that’s been a pain.

With the new computer, I might seriously consider a better monitor, mine is just 1080p 60hz at the moment to drive and see if I can make good use of the new technologies. But if I get butter smooth transitions in some of the more demanding games, I will be happy too.

I have had my concerns about the RTX cards as well. I had the option of upgrading the rest of the computer and moving the 1060 into the new set up or just refreshing the whole thing. If everything goes smoothly, I am sure I will see a drastic improvement. From user benchmarks, everything is seemingly a 100% increase, so effectively doubled:

Nvidia RTX 2080 vs GTX 1060-6GB
Userbenchmark Effective 3D Gaming GPU Speed: 148% vs 71.1%
Nvidia RTX 2080 - 6th / 597
Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB - 32nd / 597

I realize that 32nd GPU/597 is still pretty good. I think I could have gone with the simpler upgrade, but it was the thought about potential longevity of the entire system.

@xist, I know you are planning to get some upgrades soon, did any deals peak your interest this week?


Ultimately, if you’re getting a 2080 it’s going to be pointless for you at 1080p. Even a 1060/RX 580 will be fine at that resolution, and it’ll be CPU bottlenecks that hit you. With your new rig you really need to think about upping to 1440 or 4k, and if the former definitely consider a higher refresh rate monitor. The real issue you’re going to have is the RTX’s longevity, with the mooted move to the 7nm process next year and the uninspiring ray tracing…your new CPU is great though so potentially you could sell the 2080 when the rumours start, swap in the 1060 you have to tide you over, and then grab an upgrade.

Well, I now have 4 days left of employment (:fearful:) so I’m being very cautious as I don’t know what I’m doing next… I did however think carefully about life and what I actually enjoy doing and figured that given my current PC is 8 years old (I’m not last gen, I’m the one before that! Phenom II ftw…), and that’s basically where I spend my free time, I can budget for a PC. I’d already snagged a couple of parts over the past two months (which I really wish I hadn’t done because I’d have loved the current Vega 56 deals) so I’m planning on finishing up today. Prices over here are nowhere near as competitive as yours, so what I’m ending up with is essentially a Ryzen 2600 and a 1070…both of which I was very fortunate with and got good deals (the 1070 at $288 was a steal, which Is why I leapt on it, but like I said I’d rather have had the Vega 56).


4 days away from freeeeedoooommmmmmmm


i probably sound like a jerk saying this to you on public forums but you know where i’m coming from


Does this device include a free Captain Pike?


Unfortunately nothing. Could REALLY use a new computer (especially one that plays video games), but the timing this year was really bad for me, so I think I’ll be waiting a while.


That’s a very good deal :open_mouth: The video card alone costs like 800 euros xD The CPU about 400. RAM like 120. Motherboard 150 or so.
Although it’s probably a lot cheaper on your side of the pond.

What does surprise me though is the RAM they used. They didnt use a very fast RAM memory (2666 mhz). For a few bucks more you usually get 3000 or more.

Do you even play games that need this kind of beast though? Especially the CPU is something you will never see maxed out. An RX580/590 seems plenty for the games I see you reviewing at least :stuck_out_tongue:

The cheapest price I saw for that was 350 euro. So -20% of that or so would be the american price I guess.

I went environment friendly and only got the RX580 instead of the 1070/1080/vega. (especially the vega is power hungry). I also bought some 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD :smiley: Now my wallet is empty.


It’s still a significant upgrade for me, which I am sure I will see a difference anyway.

I stay away from reviewing AAA games or those very-high budget productions that will have a lot of buzz a large following. But that doesn’t mean I don’t play them. :slight_smile:

I have been looking at monitors all day long… :exploding_head: I am trying to decide between 1440 + 144hz or 4K + 60 hz… I don’t think I have the kind of money to get a really nice 4k with high refresh rate. I may end up waiting a bit on a monitor. Most games I can’t really say I am unhappy with 1080p + 60hz, so I might stay here for a wee bit longer. I have a 4k TV that I can just mount on the wall behind where my current monitor is, that would give me a bit of a display upgrade without me needing to purchase any additional equipment. Maybe I will do that for a while before deciding to buy a new monitor.

By the way, if you had to pick 2k + 120-144hz or 4k + 60 hz, which one would you go with?