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its 20000 pts for the badge, so like $200 USD right?


what? no that’s not possible

are you sure it’s 20,000 and not 2,000?



euh, well, wtf

then i guess those points were rly given retroactively for old purchases

i still have image

what i can say @bobobo is that i spent $0 in real money on them; it’s all steam market trading (and csgo case trading before that) profits based on an initial $20 steam wallet card i bought 5 years ago, though I’m now officially retired :joy:


I don’t know, I have bought games directly from Steam before and I have 0 pts


It only counts purchases from the 27th of January. I’m assuming that was the end of the New year event which granted you points for things bought prior and during.

No idea they granted points for steam market purchases though, that makes sense out of people I’ve seen with hundreds of thousands of points.


I’ve spent $75 from my steam wallet since the sale started, but not $200. I just checked.


what, no, that’s not what i was saying

do they?


I don’t know, I thought you said that’s where you’ve gotten your points from. If you click on your balance in the point shop top right it takes you to a breakdown of where you’ve gotten your points from, even detailing what exactly it was you bought.


not the points, the steam wallet $ i spent that got me the points


Ok so wtf. I bought Orange Avatar Border yesterday and now it’s gone completely along with my coins. Are they suppose to be limited time ( like 12 hous passed at most from the time of purchase ) or steam is jsut fcking up?


Try going to here and see if somehow it got unselected:

Because I can selected and unselect my blue one.


Thanks for tip ,buddy but


Made a support ticket, maybe they will sort out their own mess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


hopefully they sort it out for you soon, shouldn’t be too hard for them to see that you bought it and somehow it disappeared.

So if you go to the coin shop it doesn’t show you the “owned” green check mark either?

Looks like you can see all of your transactions in the summary page in the coin shop:


Nope and it’s not in the point summary as well. Though that thing seems to be borked as well. I got + 2000 coins from purchases , then another +3250 for purchases system cant provide details on , then i got -2,700 coins for ‘refunds’ … what refunds lol, i didint refund any of my purchases during the sale ? And finally -2000 i paid for black hole background which is thankfully still there.

I also have like 3000 coins waiting to be added to my balance from that Hellblade review but i’m not sure when’s that going to happen.

Only possible explanation i can think of is that Steam ninja-nerfed my coins for some reason and since Avatar Border was bought with those coins they removed that as well. But that’s there you say like ‘hey,sorry, there was a mistake and we had to do x and y’ not just ninja nerf accounts…


I finally got this game off my wishlist (it’s actually not on sale at the moment but it’s not inexpensive).
CW: The game is X-rated but kyuute all the same (if only my hardware could actually run it)

I also got this one, which I played on PS3 a while back (it won’t run on my OS since it requires 64-bit but it is a game I look forward to playing again)


I guess those are purchases and refunds made before the sale (you get coins for purchases made a while before the sale too)

maybe they should’ve given you those points to begin with since you had the purchase refunded a while back, way before the sale, and then when the system finally caught up with it you had already made the coin shop purchase.


Don’t do this, but this is funny.


first comment: it’s patched

which, let’s be honest, was only a matter of time anyways

so this is more clickbait than anything else anyways since the points FAQ literally says that points will be deducted after refunds.


Spiff usually upload these once the event is over or the exploit is patched. In this case the latter.
I wonder if the people that did this had their points rolled back.