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there’s zero doubt that the points got rolled back, in addition to all potential purchases made with them since the rules literally state so:

whether you refunded the game yourself or your “friend” did so by refusing the gift makes no difference at all, cuz a refund is a refund.

valve have never been scared to remove stuff from costumers through roll-backs, even things bought from the community market in case they made a mistake with currency conversions etc. (which happened to me once; they had made a mistake with the price conversion of a cs go case key, so i had bought and sold lots of it and made hundreds of dollars in profit. [i didnt know the reason for the weird price was an error in conversion; to me it looked like ppl were dumping keys at ridiculously low prices] I immediately reinvested part of that money in other stuff. By the time Valve fixed their problem and did the rollback, I lost almost everything i had made that way :joy: they didnt care one bit; all ppl got was an explanatory disclaimer and a friendly go muck yo self)


Ok, here’s my haul from this sale

Bought for myself

Bought for my godson


I really hope you love A Plague Tale! Probably the best narrative I have experienced since Horizon: Zero Dawn. :slight_smile:


Ok, now the question is, since the points shop is open forever, how does one get to it from the steam store without going directly from URL? I thought Steam would have it somewhere at the store front but I can’t find anything, or I’m just too blind to see it.


You are right, it’s not visible at all.

Seems to be a case of the “always open, but always hidden” as well, just like the external funds used calculator.

Anyway, hopefully they fix this soon.


There is a button for it from your profile editor page, but I think they really should put it somewhere at least slightly more obvious.


@Fraggles, the detective. Thanks for the info!


I believe I will. Since the first time this game was announced, it has been on my radar. Thought this was a good time to get it :slightly_smiling_face:


I was curious and looked around for it earlier once the sale went down. I couldnt find it anywhere on the store page, despite it being a part of the store.
It’s very weird that the only way I could find it was the already mentioned profile options.


I just realized someone gave me a badge for being a Community Contributor. WOW thanks.Whomever :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


No one can give you badges on steam, those are automatically awarded to an account based on predefined criteria, which you can find by clicking on the badge. This particular badge is awarded and leveled up by gaining those “awards” that you can issue to reviews, workshop items, videos and guides.

You get one level of the badge per award gained.

You can also get a badge for giving such awards away, which I suspect levels up in the same fashion.


All I know is what it says…


These things can get attached to your review, screenshots, or any other content that you make. :smiley:


I gave several review awards, so each of them got that badge.

Unfortunately, I did not come across one of your reviews, @delenn13.


I also gave some awards to people, including the author from
These aren’t cheap, though: you have to pay 300 points to give them to people.


I also got one, but the question is, what even received the award. For me it was probably one of my screenshots since I don’t post anything else relevant, but I got no clue which one.


They addressed the issue now, all good.



The first time I got an award steam sent me an email detailing what had gotten the award and about how I’m going to get 100 store points in 14 days and that the community contributor badge level has increased.

I got my first award pretty much same day they were introduced and only got the email for the first one though, maybe they decided to not continue doing that.

Looks like the first two payouts have come in now. If you can’t find any clues to what got awarded I guess just wait 14 weeks and your points budget details should link the item in question.


I think the emails would get overwhelming potentially if they keep doing that. Sometimes you can have something that gets a lot of hits/likes/awards and the emails could be excessive.


What is that “event” page? I’m guessing there’s no other way to access it if not from URL they provide.