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Welcome to the Steam Summer Sale


* The Points Shop is where you’ll find a variety of items to personalize your Steam presence. Redeem your points for Profile or Chat items.
* Animated Avatars, Frames, Backgrounds, Badges and Chat items you get are yours to keep forever.
* The Points Shop is here to stay, now open all year round.

Don’t forget… explore your Discovery Queue


Right, that explains why I am suddenly unable to browse the steam store anymore.


So that’s why i was forcefully logged off of steam and now cant login back… it’s a sale time :smiley: It just cant go right , ever.


It still works better than usually xD


fuck with my profile GabeN, see where that gets you :triumph:
i got a feeling this new point stuff is gonna go bonkers the next couple of days, for sure something has to bork, right? :thinking:

You will not receive any points for funding your Steam Wallet.

i’m sooo glad i didn’t load my wallet like i intended, phew :sweat: that would have been some wasted effort that could (now) been spent on sweet sweet steam points, wait what :face_with_raised_eyebrow: a third currency to the steam eco system, da hell is going on

“like share and subscribe my steam” i guess?? :thinking: :confused: :man_facepalming:


lmao :rofl: you earn 1 card, one, per day… they are really trying hard to get those spendings going :joy:

edit, aaand my one card bugged out and didn’t arrive in inventory, :man_facepalming: -it’s never a good ol’ steam sale without some steal sale feature borkage :sweat_smile:


I mean, it’s all on you for trying to do it during the beta phase. We know we have to wait like two hours minimum before even attempting anything. :roll_eyes:


Early Access


but if i didn’t get in on it early it wouldn’t bork and i couldn’t complaint, then what would i do this sale :expressionless:



I do appreciate the variety of things we can get with the points, I’ll probably spend it all on weeb emotes.


Didn’t get my trading card either :man_shrugging:

The discount only works the first time right?


Aya ya?


I think I like the new profile options if we keep getting more of those.
Would be neat if we could actually use custom animated avatars ourselves though. While testing stuff I did notice that they changed the way they handle transparent avatars. You get a white background on your profile and black in chat… better than before at least.


did anyone manage to grab a free sticker thingy yet?
mine is borking, classic :ok_hand:

edit, i’m gonna lose my sht if volvo doesn’t get things working soon, i can’t do anything, now it’s booting me from browser too, you can’t give me new playthings and not have them work immediately, comn you know this

sigh, guess i’ll have to find something to distract myself with for a while until stuff gets unborked again, like usual (and yet it catches me totally by surprise :no_mouth:)

edit edit, my sticker got unborked, i got the “Happy” one apparently, (the black outlined one in the image @Fraggles tells me)


Worked for me.

Well i got myself that black hole animated background. Other than that nothing seems to be much of interest.

That said i also didint receive my card for getting through that boring discovery queue.


I’m a bit upset, i was expecting more discount on my WL but the coin shop is interesting


iirc the cards are bugged rn. A lot of people including me have been having issues. Just give it a time, the servers are probably screwed as everyone is checking steam out.


Im disappointed too. Was expecting more, but there is no discount good enough to make me buy a single game.
At least I got some nice profile background and a great chat sticker for free.


:joy:, i was expecting grab AoE HD but there’s no discount even, but you’re right i grab some nice backgrounds and emotes too