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Welcome to the Steam Summer Sale


They abandoned this version. The newest remake has a nice discount


yeah, i know :disappointed_relieved: ,but i want the HD


Why? I think that the second remake was a cheap cashgrab, but if you have neither, it’s better to get the supported version I think :<


some kind of obsession, same happens with CS, i going to grab the 1.6


good ol’ steam.


The $5 discount over $30 is very temping to me. It makes the Royal Edition of CK3 closer to an average AAA price tag. I forget when this sale ends, but hopefully it’ll have enough time so that I can get some money together for it. Really good incentive to buy games! xD


July 9th at 10am PDT (UTC-7)


A lot of RM assets are on sale…

Shame that I don’t have a decent amount of wallet funds…double dammit…I tried to save them, but alas…


Forgot about steam sale today just checked steam and I gotta say I like the new point system i like you can get animated icon borders and wallpaper now. also might only pick up a game or two this year my back log is huge on steam and epic.


Hmm it also seems that you can receive points for people interacting with your reviews… ? I think my Hellblade review got few of those… stickers/emoticons and it says that creator of the review gets +100 coins for every vote he gets that way.


P.S So i finally had some time to scroll through my wishlist, which is around 350 items atm and as expected not a single deal i really couldnt say ’ no ’ to . Yeah there are some decent discounts on some good games but nothing which would be irresistible so trend of crappy steam sales continue.


I was so surprised to find I got an award for one of my reviews and then there’s you with 9 of them right away. It costed them 300 points to send those so it seems a lot of people really thought your review was good.


Just in time I’ve got some funds in my Steam wallet. I’ve managed to buy some indie game I’ve been wanting to get for some time. One of them was “Hover”, which was available in the Coin Shop once, however I’ve missed it because I didn’t have enough coins to get it.

I’ll see if I’ll be able to buy some more like I did in the GOG sale.


It’s more of a coincidence i think. This particular review was on a ‘roll’ past week so it gets a lot of attention and with this new stickery votes system in place also gets some of them. My older reviews doesnt seem to even though some of them have more votes in general.


Valve sure doesn’t want people to earn a few funds with the event cards this time around don’t they? If I could collect one dollar worth of these cards I could at least grab one game from my wishlist, Spaceland. I’m not particularly rushing to purchase it as I’m no longer that fond of games from the Developer and Publisher, Tortuga Games. I enjoyed their Braveland games mind you, I just don’t like their games’ reliance on autosaves, especially one that uses a marker system that autosaves your progreaa as you finish levels which ultimately doesn’t give you a save file that lets you save right before you end each game. I want to relive a game’s ending whenever I want to and not go through the entire game again just so I can do so God Damn it. I just wishlisted the game because OCD conpletionism, same with Cthulhu Saves Christmas.


waiting for that 75% off to come along, some day


Keep ur eyes pealed haha


I REALLY want an animated profile frame and that tiny animated background ooof Steam really gets my inner customizer going :crazy_face::sweat_smile::grin:


Guys, I need help spending 30 €, recommendations pls xD :innocent:

so fair I’m looking at Noita and Immortal Redneck.

btw cowman @M00 Immortal Redneck was a lot of fun, you shoulda gotten it in the Australian Wildfire help Bundle :yum:


@M00 :gift: :love_letter: :mailbox_with_mail:



Not subtle at all, but being generous is always commendable.


you beat me to the punch. :stuck_out_tongue: