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dude wtf

ty so much

(haha, you 2 meowski)


God dammit!!! This game was 4.99€ on the Microsoft Store a few weeks ago. I really thought it would match that discount on Steam this Summer Sale:


Have you tried this one:


Anyone got any under or on $4 recommendations?


The better store management and dungeon crawling game.

Pretty neat (mostly) single player CCG/visual novel. All card and pack purchases are for gold earned from playing the story and from several other challenge and dungeon modes. It’s VERY “anime” though.

Almost under $4 but I need to recommend it any way.

It’s a real proper roguelike, if anyone wanted to know how those actually play like.


Don’t know if it’s your type of game:


A couple more.

Really quite brilliant puzzle game about guiding and timing trains.

Another great proper roguelike.

Pretty old now, but very good and well worth playing if you like action platformers, it also has light metroidvania elements to it.

Turns out you already have both of the roguelikes, so what are you buying new games for, go play those! : )

General recommendation to pretty much anyone.

Super cheap for a very fun and amusing little board game.


Spelunky is 85% off!


It could’ve been predicted because:


They will probably want to keep the best discount on their store.


But they already gave the same discounts on both stores on other games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Quantum Break.

Well, there’s always another time to get it.


Does anyone know if you get points when you pay with your wallet?
I’ve been selling the cards for basically all my games recently.


I think relative history is a good indication, and how long the game has been on other platforms. For Ori and Quantum Break, the games have been around long, with similar periods on various store fronts. Recore has only been discounted to $4.99 at the Microsoft store, and only that one stretch. Other store fronts all have the similar 50%-ish discounts up until now. So I would say wait a bit longer if you want that kind of price for it directly from Steam or where a key is being sold.


Thanks for the recommendation, it looks interesting but sadly that’s a very unpleasant artstyle to my eyes :confused:

Also looked through @Fraggles offering, but nothing really caught my eye yet :pensive:

Big fat recommendation for Dust from me as well, played it on Xbox Arcade and later on Steam, really unique and well made :blush:

@YQMaoski Great, you reminded me that I ALMOST beat the final boss ugh, now I’m just getting rekt all the time way before him -.-


Keep working at it! And good luck! I love this game, and still play a few runs every week. Haha! (a few = a few more deaths than I care to share.)


Any idea if crafting game badges gives you event cards in this sale?


It should work because it states that only adding funds to your wallet doesn’t count.


It should, but I don’t have any full sets to craft right now, so not entirely sure.


Yup it worked just fine!


Yeah that makes sense, but I was also expecting it to be 4.99€ because if you go to the Recore game page there’s the Microsoft Action Bundle that discounts the game even more if you have the other two games (Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive), which is my case, so I’d be getting Recore even cheaper.

No problem, I already have plenty to play so I don’t mind waiting a little more :grin:


The Discovery Queue thing dropped a Foil Trading card on me and someone bought it when I put it up for fifty cents U.S. lucky~!.:hugs: Now all I need is another fifty cents and Spaceland is mine… Alrhough if I could collect $1.50USD I could go for Slay the Spire instead :rofl: