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Welcome to the Steam Summer Sale


Buy Terraria 4-pack and trade it, I’m thinking to do so anyways xD


My godson’s birthday is approching so I bought him the bundle containing Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

On Christmas I gave him the previous Wolfenstein games, The New Order and Old Blood.

I gotta keep giving him good single player games. He needs to take a break from Warframe every now and then.


Thanks to many of y’all constantly talking about Hollow Knight, I decided to pick it up. I also picked up other co-op/multiplayer games such as the first and second Sonic (SEGA days), Children of Morta and a game I’ve heard is like Warband but pixeled and turn-based (Battle Brothers).


much approve very recommend :+1: :clap:


Hollow Knight is a very, very good choice! :grinning:


That exact same percentile discount is applied to the RMMV Add-On Pack. I don’t see why it doesn’t get any further discounted, like, 75% would be nice, especially since it’s an old asset.

Also, anyone having trouble spending those points? I’ve got like, 13K or so and anything I click on, does squat-zo… :confused:

Addendum: The points shop is working fine now…


Someone gifted me this game for free to play together

It’s good fun to play multiplayer and if you buy it u get a free giftable copy
(Many people might have it from bundles and that already but its worth playing mhm)


ooo… that’s more tempting, you get a free gift copy? Is that always there or just for the sale?


Yeah I think it is always there but not sure.


Guys does the badge associated with this even still give 100exp per badge level? I’m just asking because I might just spend my points on that instead of what Valve wants us to spend on them, those tacky emotes and crap.


Yes it does. i bought it for funsies
Edit: found on steam page
A badge can be found in your Steam Community profile. This badge recognizes your involvement in the Points Shop. Leveling up badges increases your XP and Steam Level.


yeah, it goes up to level 20 and actually gives 2,000 xp, which is not bad at all

edit: found on some steam page :joy:



I really hope I get to get more Steam Wallet funds; there’s some assets for VX Ace I wanna grab, that I wanted to grab the last time they were on sale but lacked the funds to do so.

With things as bad as they are and only having access to physical currency, getting more funds on Steam may end up being impossible if I can’t go and procure a wallet card…

Of course, that also applies to getting anything if all stores start closing down…


WHAT!? The badge is already max leveled?


oh right, I never play this and I have a giftable copy of it, sooo ehm idk if anyone has some bundle/monthly leftover they wanna exchange hmu :sweat_smile:


you can insta-max-level it if you have enough points; it’s pay2win


When I bought it (Don’t Starve Together), I was given a giftable copy. It wasn’t on sale, then.


Thanks, I didn’t know. :smiley:


Haha yeah I suppose so. How much did you spend to get it max level?


well, if i remember right, you get 100 points per dollar you spend, but i dont remember how much the badge cost, but it should be a straightforward conversion, so if anyone could check how much the top level badge costs?

It could be $20, but not sure rly.