Very Sad News TotalBiscuit Has Passed away.


That was sooner than I expected.
My sincerest condolences to Genna, his son and anyone else who knew him personally. Losing someone is never easy, even if you knew it was coming.


What a great chap he was, loved his Day One:Gary’s Incident video. And he was the reason I found Chrono. May he rest in peace.


A great YouTuber and Chronie, he will forever live in our hearts :heart:


Rest In Peace TB!


Wow, it hit my heart so hard when I saw this.

Really gonna miss him.


Good five minutes thinking about what should i write about this…

You will be missed, my man…



I really don’t know what to say…

I’m just sad that he’s gone now.


I guess it was good it was quick. Seen a lot of people suffer for a long time. Still very sad!


This took me by surprise, one of my favorite YouTuber, really gonna miss him.

I know this goes without saying, but “if you’ve nothing good to say, say nothing at all.”


Some of the game communities he’s worked with are taking it kinda rough. Digital Extremes canceled Prime Time today as the devs were in no shape to do a twitch stream right after finding out, they literally started the stream, made the announcement, then left. Currently there’s a large vigil going on in Warframe on Laundra Relay if any fellow Tenno wish to pay respects.


People actually say that?


Some do thinking it would make for a smart joke


I don’t even know what to say…

When you spend so many hours of your life with someone’s voice, and then it’s gone…

The Co-Optional is my favorite podcast. Every time I want to know about a game, my first go-to is a search for a “WTF is” video. He’s my favorite games critic, my favorite YouTube channel, my favorite podcast…

I’m really gonna miss him.

Really, really gonna miss him.


Yeah this sucks. Cancer is a bitch. I always enjoyed watching his videos and liked his analysis of games in the WTF series. I also enjoyed the co-optional podcast, its fun but also has some good incite on the games the hosts are playing. Although I may not have agreed with his views on some games or other issues, I certainly respected his opinion and am sad to hear he has gone.


Didn’t he just make his semi-retirement announcement a couple weeks ago?Cancer’s a bitch, man. I’ve enjoyed TB’s content, I always thought his reviews were professional and well thought-out. He introduced me to plenty of new games, like Warframe, and was responsible for introducing me to Chrono. Rest in Peace.


No. What I am wondering about is if people actually say “if you’ve nothing good to say, say nothing at all”. Just seems vacuous.


Same here ;_;

For the Steam Spring event, it required playing a game by a curator you follow. I don’t follow any curators but when i had to find one, i immediately went to Cynical Brit.

Like many others here, i’ve been watching/listening to him for a long time on the internet and it’s a bit easier to take in since he’s been away from Youtube for long time. Still, even though we all knew this was coming, it’s still a shock.


Sad news indeed, as a community we’ve lost one of the industry’s most influential and knowledgeable personalities.

TB basically thaught me the language, I’ll greatly miss his voice and aplomb.

My condolences to Genna, his family and close friends. Rest in peace Mr. Bain.


I’ve never really been a follower of any content creators, and tend to read articles before resorting to video, but TotalBiscuit was one of the few that I always found myself relying on when I wanted a thorough and informative overview about a game. His WTF series of videos were pretty much a go to resource for me and once I’d watched one I felt satisfied that I knew whether a game held any potential. I tend not to follow the politics of “entertainers” so whilst I was peripherally aware of the Gamergate furore it had no bearing on the quality of his content.

To lose someone so young to cancer is tragic irrespective of their achievements. But for someone who has done so much for the gaming industry to be lost so suddenly, someone who has burned brightly and made his way into the minds of so many to be gone, it’s a terrible loss indeed. Like many I’d always held out the illogical hope that somehow he’d fight back and make it through this, but sadly we all knew the eventual outcome no matter how much we wanted it not to be true.

My condolences go to Genna and his family, and I hope that his memory lives on for all the positive things he has achieved.

Mr Bain, you were a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.