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Be aware Daylight Savings time ends Saturday night/Sunday morning


LMAO you guys


Almost as exciting as half-life 3…


Steam is changing how we interact with soundtracks sold on the platform.


Meh, I can’t buy any of their hardware. Steam controller v2 - cool, but meh.


Is this related to Valve? Steam delisted Grand Theft Auto IV. :laughing: Which either means 2 things, a remaster or a remake inbound.


That’s very cool, a couple of improvements there that I have explicitly desired. Namely being able to download and purchase soundtracks without the game they’re currently attached to. I just might end up getting myself the Furi and Necrodancer soundtracks next time they’re on sale.

I wonder how soon this will be implemented, necrodancer soundtracks currently on sale but still listed as DLCs.


Or game being pulled out because of music licences, similar to what happened to Alan Wake?


This is great news! Thanks for posting it.

@Fraggles The article says that existing soundtracks on the platform will stay as-is unless the developer chooses to switch. So, it’s up to the developer. You could probably give them a nudge.


Anyone know of any games that has made the switch? Been looking around a bit and can’t find any store pages that looks different, also don’t really know what to look for.

I have several soundtracks bought from before, 2 are now listed in my “library” in a way I don’t think they were before, gone home and Stories: Path of destinies . But their store pages look just the same as any other.


I wasn’t aware that could happen. Thought they could just issue an update, remove target music if anything. Ouch.


they can, and has happened multiple times, for instance to gta titles already.
developers of alan wake chose not to do that, because they felt the music was integral to the game, and thus got it renewed instead i believe after a bit of downtime


was indeed due to GFWL and not music

long live Microsoft ideas :pray:


Hmm… so they are selling too well, and couldn’t generate more keys, and thus had to stop selling…

Isn’t generating keys the easiest thing there is? They don’t need to make any kind of physical product, no need to ship…

Or it’s because it’s purely based on the Windows Live platform, and I see they need to actually find another way to sell it… How odd…


some system’s (non steamworks) key generation have been known to have issues because whatever “thingy”, algorithm sequencer byte-mahula they used actually had a limit, so it was possible to eventually run out of remaining numbers,
GTA 4 is not the first game to have encountered this, tho i would suspect there might be more to it too here,
i recall another(can’t remember which), old one, that had same issue where the publisher just suddenly couldn’t generate more activation codes with the system they used, so users were screwed as they either wanted to buy the game or request reactivation or something from limited use/machine activation keys.


So then they can just try to remaster and remove that built in requirement? Seems their only route. GTA4 is still a really beloved game.


why would you bother to remaster gta 4, when there is gta 5?, it’s seems a strange thing to do a “remaster” for (imo, also, remaster gta 3 first?)
they could just patch out gfwl if that’s what they wanted (as tons of others already did long ago), but since they phrased it like so "We are looking at other options for distributing GTA4 for PC", i have an inkling they might have something different in mind than just a straight steamworks adaptation (as, given by the history of other games, that seems like it should be fairly simple)


Put everything together into extraction package, upload to Steam servers. Tag price, start selling…

I actually have no idea how this works, lol. Just me being facetious, but feeling like I have to point it out just in case someone misunderstands…


i mean some of those games that switched to steamworks during gfwl or steamspy ending did it very quickly, which made it appear like "yea, probably could be that easy"
which is kinda why i think they might have some “other” plans, otherwise surely they would just have come out and say they were patching it out and the game would be back on steam soon. (epic exclusive? /snort)
bunch of other games on steam still have gfwl too, so there might be something behind why they all didn’t just bother switching “long ago”, lazy?, costs?, technicality? :man_shrugging:


For the different story? GTA V and GTA IV are completely different games, and a ton of people really loved Niko and his game. And now to not be able to buy it on PC is pretty disappointing.

I’d imagine patching out GFWL would require some work on the back end either way and if they do that, they could just offer up a bit of a touch up on the graphics/engine (sorta like what we saw with Dragon’s Dogma on PC). I’m not talking full remaster, like what we saw with Secret of Mana PS4/PC, just something gentle.