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for it’s just like a said on day 1 early concept reveal, the main page is too cluttered or too empty, a giant mess either way with stuff not in the right places, look at that giant pile of empty/wasted space :stuck_out_tongue:

really liked it better when it was at least filled with the news about a game then than just being big and blank
overall it makes me wish even more to make the sidebar bigger and main window smaller, oh, and can we please just get 3 cheers and 5 claps for volvo bringing a new UI but still no functional zoom in client? :thinking: what it’s only been like 13 years lol :joy:

ps, props for us turning the ea-steam thread into UI related talks instead :grin:


Wut ev’r due U Meen???


Some games haven’t had their updates/news properly transitioned into this new library. Right now it displays community stuff for me, but the news and dev posts are not there. And I much rather have the dev posts than the community content, I would also like to disable that if possible. lul

Oh ye, goodbye


I said this in a reply on my act feed but I’ll post it again here: I think the new Steam UI is doodoo, and here are some of the reasons behind that:

  • No ability to sort between Proton and native Linux games;
  • Badly optimized, slow;
  • Loads of glitches, rushed public release;
  • No small mode;
  • No button to automatically “shrink” or “expand” all library categories;
  • Uncalled for community content that is OPT-OUT instead of OPT-IN;
  • Full list of achievements still has to be open externally;
  • Free-to-play games automatically added to library regardless of user preference;
  • Sidebar icons cannot be removed, main game icons can be reduced but not removed either;
  • Unnecessary pop-up animations and
  • Inability to remove “what’s new” from main library page – I don’t care what’s new.

I’ve used the new library on both Manjaro KDE and Windows 7, and have experience considerable slow down, visual glitches and core technical issues on both OSs.


Also if you have family share enabled, all the games are in one big pile now in the Uncategorized section, more ram usage, and a lot of things that no one asked for.


This! I had to mesage @YQMaoski yesterday asking him to PLEASE disable family sharing haha I was drowning in his almot 3k games. #firstworldproblems


Well sounds like @YQMaoski has a free spot in his family, he keeps playing all the small weird indie titles I always want to try out but can’t justify buying for curiosity alone. Want to adopt a Swede?


That is one of my favorite parts about this update, I love being able to see all the recent update about games I own. The problem with the old library was if there was an update and you didnt check the download section before you restarted Steam the only way to see recent updates was to look in file explorer by date, I dont want to do that all the time.

Also I think this new update is pretty responsive and do not see any difference between the old library and this one as far as optimization goes. I will say when it first launched I also was having graphical glitches but the last couple updates have fixed that issue. I was still having crashes but I haven’t had one since the last update so fingers crossed on that one lol.

Can I ask what you mean with the F2P games? I don’t play many of those so not sure what you mean.

I do not really see a difference, the old one just added an unorganized list of games as well, maybe I just remember wrong? idk Also there are loads of features that I have been wanting for years :slight_smile:


Are you properly vaccinated? Feels like Maoski should know that before adopting you.

@Tencore haven’t had my coffee yet so briefly:

“What’s new” should be optional! I’m glad you like it, but some don’t. More than complaining about the feature I’m arguing about the lack of choice.

Have you checked your RAM usage? Most people I’ve asked have seen a spike on that. Also the technology used to optimize the new steam chat and now new library is not available on Linux so we get the short end of the stick – although so far it’s been glitching more for me on Win than GNU.

If you played a F2P game like Warframe and never made an in-game purchase, it would get deleted from your library. It now stays there unless you ask to remove it from your account with a right click – which I had already done through Steam Support in the past and I’m quite confused as to why I’m having to redo the process.


Yeah it is around 460 MB which is pretty comparable to other launchers, game pass uses a little more than that. I do not remember how much RAM the old launcher used though. Also I understand now what you mean on many of these features, you would rather have choices and that make sense. Hopefully they get everything in for you Linux users, but with Valve’s history of adding things I would be surprised if they were added soon lol.


Yes, you are right, there was an uncategorized list for the games you didn’t put anywhere. But with family sharing there were separate lists for each person you were connected with. So you’d have the name of the person as the category name at the bottom of your library. But now all of their games and yours are in the same Uncategorized list. So now you have to click on a game to know whose game it is.


Oh yeah ok I remember that now, they were separated. Sorry don’t use family share often myself, I am usually the one sharing my library lol. That would not be a fun experience to try and sort them yourself either.


Yup, which makes me upset at the fact they FORCED the new library on everyone despite it not being fully operational for many of us. I’m all for you guys using it if you want to, but for F’s sake, Valve, give me a choice!


So I have family share switched on with three friends. I launch Steam, it’s automatically updated, and then I see that all of the uncategorized games, including those out of my best friend’s library with 1700+ titles are now piled up in the “Uncategorized” section that used to hold my games only. So… I’m relieved that I’ve sorted most of my games by far, but I really hope they fix it soon.

It reminds me of New Game+ in Chrono, Suikoden and other JRPGs with big playable cast, when you start anew, and open your inventory, and see that it’s cluttered with all the stuff your party members used to hold. Such a weird feeling and such a mess, too :\


While that’s a bother I’m sure, at least they’ve made sorting things into categories way easier. Since you can now select any numbers of titles at once and drag them all into a category of your choice, don’t have to go one by one through right click sub-menus anymore.


That’s good to know, thanks! Though I mostly didn’t go one by one, but picked several games and changed categories for all of them at once with right click. But the visual sorting will be better than the sub-menu thing anyway.


You never had to. Old library: hold shift + left click on the games you want to group together. Right click > categories. Select them accordingly.



I was not aware of that, I’m pretty sure I tried that at some point years ago, found I could only do them one at a time and since then I have just not bothered with categories.


try doing that sorting with 1k+ games, and it becomes not so simple a task regardless of being able to group them together like that tho
don’t get me wrong i do that, have multiple “collections” left over from that, but with a huge library that’s still quite an ordeal to sort through, the new sorting helps a ton imo with multiple different quick tags to gather here and there already

agree with the options part
but sadly volvo has never really been good with “choices” sadly, it’s always 1 way, their vision, and mods/3rd party tools for the rest


Sure thing, let me know when you want to try to set this up. Certainly during my working hours, there will be absolutely no conflict at all, and we are on a 6 hour time difference I think.