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think my sentiment was “why? it’s good enough as is, no?” -touch up/extra work for an increased pricetag would just seem superfluous to me


What do you mean why? GTA IV is one of the best and dark of the series, not only that, I see a lot of people prefers IV’s physics than V’s.

The engine also had a lot of issues and wouldn’t run well on many machines, I remember tinkering with the game’s settings for a long while until I was able to maintain a good framerate and visual balance.

The game could sure use some extra love, It’s been 12 years already. If you want to do that by yourself, you would have to go through the long modding process and it would still have issues.


The question isn’t why would customers want GTA IV, the question is why would Rockstar want to bother selling it. They would much prefer you bought 5, as weird as it may sound 4 is a competing product and they’ll stand to make a lot more money out of people buying 5 and potentially getting roped into all the in game store BS.

Remastering or even taking the time to bother patching out GFWL would be investing money/workhours into something that might mean less revenue for them.


i suppose if they could change"update" multiplayer to be like gta 5 online, so they could milk the shit out of it too, they might want to :thinking:


Selling is selling, I don’t think Rockstar is concerned about not selling V, it got free promoting from streamers, people already bought twice from the initial release and next gen/PC versions and layback updates still attract new consumers (every update they hold on to cars and some other stuff to release on the upcoming weeks). They know the highest peak is in the past, if they are investing in something is a new game.

Also, the people who buy in-game shark cards are probably the minority. From all the people I played with, only a few even bought a card once or twice and they regretted. It’s easier than ever now to make big cash with in-game activities, you just wont have time to buy everything there is in the game obviously, I don’t even think there is enough storage room for a player to get 50% of the cars.

IMO, not patching IV is the other way around, they would be losing money. Believe it or not, but some people often like to play games’ story in order and not being able to play IV would make them hold on getting V. I don’t think the online is what people will be looking for on IV, even though it’s still fun. A big team isn’t necessary to fix the GFWL issue, it would only if it was to remaster the game. If they still run the online servers for IV, it’s possible that they already have a small team dedicated to that game working on a fix.


Selling their latest game in the franchise that has in game cash shops and the possibility of squeezing more money out of people is a far more appealing option than spending money to make a competing product sold at a lower price point available. It was clearly beneficial for them to keep selling it while it was easy passive income, but now they would have to actually do something to keep it going and it’s most likely not worth it for them to do that.

Of course the people buying shark cards is the minority, that’s always the case, the point is to get the whales into your game and every person who buys GTA IV is a potential whale that didn’t buy GTA V instead.

Is there even an over arching story stretching across the games? Is there a point at all to playing them in order? I highly doubt anyone would play 1-3, still wanting to play GTA but choosing to not get V because IV is missing.


I still believe it would be worth for them, it’s not like Rockstar is in deep money trouble. If they still have some decency as developers and care for their franchise as a whole.

You can play them separately no problem, it’s not like you’ll be missing out on the story, each game follow their own thing. It’s only that GTA games are heavily invested in the characters, you’d probably be missing out on numerous connections between them. There are various characters from GTA IV that appears in V because both games are of the HD universe. Even the main protagonist of IV, Niko, is shown as one of the possible fathers in GTA Online character creation, others like Michelle, Johnny, Packie appear in the game during cutscenes or is available in the heists. The latter even triggering interesting conversations during the mission that people won’t fully understand without knowing the character from before.


If that’s what you’re hinging your hopes on I think you’ll find yourself disappointed. I have not considered Rockstar decent for a pretty long time, if ever.

We’ll just have to see if they think it’s worth their effort or not.


I would think they will try and include the same online service crap they have in V.

And I personally think IV was much better story wise.


Bringing this up again because of official announcement regarding GTA IV


  • Base Game + DLC merged
  • No more multiplayer
  • Some music “temporarily” unavailable
  • If you own the game, you get upgraded version (some extra steps for GFWL purchases and physical copies)


What’s nice is that you get the full game if you own only Episodes from liberty city. So I am going to be able to play the singleplayer version of GTA4 even though I never owned it. :smiley:


Is it no more official servers multiplayer or literally nothing?

Because I would prefer IV over V’s banhammering.


Wow IMO IV was the worst game in the series, they changed so much stuff for the worse I just did not enjoy playing that one. Then they came out with V and it is amazing, single player story was awesome and the online is amazing, hackers and card sharks suck but easy ways to avoid all that.

What do you mean?


Yes, no more official multiplayer support since it was tied to GFWL. No free-roam mp, racing, deathmatches, just the single player experience, unless modders do their thing.


Well, having it at all is better than nothing. I don’t think a large amount of people played the online portion, but I imagine with no connection to online anymore, modders are going to be a bit more extreme in their endeavors. Plus, it should mean that people looking to mod textures etc won’t get unexpectedly banned.