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[Update: Available Now] Free $10 to spend in Epic Games Store



Exactly, de facto monopoly=no good for consumers


Elaborate ,please.


while being alone, they only had to fight with shady key reseller, that was their only competition, now with epic, steam will need to think more about how to retain his customer since steam is no longer the only option.

this could mean lower % of sale taken by steam for the dev, and since the dev lose less money, the games could possibly be sold cheaper.

but that is all just things that could happen, the future will tell us what it really meant

btw ill get satisfactory with my 10$ i think. 30$ seemed a bit expensive but 20$ is fair


If this free $10 happens, I’ll get Hades. I’m in love with the music and voice acting of Supergiant Games.


Only games that are about $15 and up are eligible :sob:

At least it says that until the 13th of June they will be giving out 1 free game per week instead of every 2 weeks.

RiME free on Epic Games store until May 30

yea, 10$ wallet cash/“free to spend”, vs 10$discount “coupon” on X, is two very different things :confused:
will have to be some extraordinary game for me to pull up 5$ for epic…
not applicalble to dlc etc, but seems preorders do, so a couple of folks might see a 10buck refund in their account
and the currency conversion discount seems to be decent and holding up 1:1

Hades is 14.86€, so it juuuust comes in slightly shy to not qualify for the offer :rofl:

and wow, a lot of these games aren’t even discounted for the sale itself, but just purely because of Epic’s own 10buck discount, meaning they don’t even get around XY’s previous discount even with the bonus 10$ discount…
a bunch of smoke in this “mega” sale it seems, so much for “added competition”…

edit. subnautica below zero gets a hefty first time discount tho because of that 10$ bonus tho


Hades is showing $6.99 for me after the discount

Edit: and satisfactory for $20 is still a great deal, was hoping it would be cheaper though lol


yea looks like they tweaked the discount now from 15% do 5% so it qualifies, being 16.61€ (instead of 14.86previously) before epic’s “coupon”


Was planning to get Hades, but now I’m not sure after the sudden price increase. :neutral_face:


Me too but I blinked and the price is back to usual. Something’s odd somewhere.


This article explains the change of price for Hades…Plus 2 games disappeared totally…


And now the price of Hades is down to $9.99. What a rollercoaster.


Steams sales have always been opt-in for devs as far as I’m aware, it’s never been Steam themselves who’ve decided what prices or discounts games get. This article suggests Epic went opt-out instead?

Also what supergiant games did is directly illegal (in Europe), raising the base price of a product while offering a discount is misleading. Returning the price to original point would have been required, changing the discount wasn’t.

I’ve never thought of Supergiant as scummy but this thing really smells off to me. Especially combined with the fact that they went out and tried to justify the price hike with what seems like a reasonable statement. If it hadn’t strayed so hard from not only their own previous promises but also the expected standard ways of handling this sort of thing.


Ah this sounds depressing. They make such beautiful games ,i always want to think about such studios as a ‘good guys’ … but i guess business side is business side and people who make those game do not get a say in such matters.


i’m thinking it’s because they wanted “a” price point during the sale, epic then doing their discount thing messed with that, so they initially settled for adjusting the % instead to get around that, -and then some brainiac at the office thought "well why not just roll out the price hike “naow” instead of “later” when trying to deal with this sale discount, 2birds and all that"
even devs having to pull their games/discounts going up-down sorta feels like it’s not even devs adding their own discounts, but an epic employee handling the database entries o.0 -otherwise surely devs/pubs would have been aware of this before the sale went live ??


It’s weird to me too. I understand that while in Early Access, the game’s price would remain the same. While, yes, it’s a beautiful game and well worth its full price, it’s not the finished product yet or on Pre-order for the full game, so why raise the base price now? Idk about scummy, but somebody is crossing their wires somewhere. Hence, I agree that their “reasonable statement” about the price hike is anything but understandable. With the current drama, I wonder too, if it’s possible they will choose to simply stop developing the game. Maybe not as that must be a breach of contract, but really don’t know now.

That is why some people I know in the gaming circles aren’t exactly sad for Steam getting ‘competition’. How true it is that Steam also has bad practices, I can say for sure. Hearsay doesn’t stand up in any court, right? Hm.

I’d think so too, Gnuffs… Unless it’s that they changed their minds once the sale started which isn’t on, not at all.


This is not a point where steam has ever intentionally mishandled the situation. I don’t know if @DontBeSilly was referring to the store here or to the marketing/business people at the developers. But as I said in my first post when it comes to steam, setting prices, discounts and joining in on any special sale events was always at the discretion of the developers/publishers.

One would have thought, right? But that doesn’t explain why a handful of devs have straight up pulled their game out of the store AFTER the discounts were already applied. Which lead to me thinking this looks like an opt-out situation where Epic just decided on their own to discount the games on their store without input from the publishers and developers.

That seems like a rather large over reach from their side if it’s true. They are selling keys on behalf of the developers after all. At least I would presume that Epic has not purchased a stock of keys for themselves from all the devs already with which they are able to do what they please.


Going out now, so quick input. In the article Delenn linked, it seems the removal of some games is only temporary, I guess for just during the sale.

That’s why I’m thinking that someone is crossing wires somewhere. It’d be mega odd for devs not to know about the terms of the sale, esp. since the $10 bit was leaked a few days before the sale actually started.

Also, mistakes happen on the part of devs too, Citing the recent One Finger Death Punch 2 game added to the Indiegala bundle. That was an error the devs admitted to making on their end.


After all of this fiasco I have decided to just keep claiming the free games from the Epic store and not worry about the sale itself.


Must say, this up and down pricing and such is putting me off today too.