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[Update: Available Now] Free $10 to spend in Epic Games Store



Epic Games Store will be giving away $10 to spend in store during the upcoming Mega Sale. The offer will be available in a few days. The information leaked on official Fortnite website.



went from buying up games exclusives, and giving out free games, to just give a heck about it and just give people free cash :rofl:
i’ll be curious what, if any, stipulations might end up come attached to these 10 bucks
(and if they apply it 1:1 to € or just wont give a damn)



apparently all you need to do is sign up for two-factor authentification, which i find hard to believe.


It makes sense. Epic’s security “reputation” is appalling, and they want to work to improve that. It doesn’t fix the issues on their side, but will definitely help to tighten up security on the user side.

Valve did the same thing years ago by restricting trading heavily on users that didn’t have 2FA. It caused an uproar, but Valve would rather have their forums clogged up with whining about Steam trading clunkiness than be clogged up with tickets for account resets after getting phished.


what i mean is, “free wallet” usually often come with some sort of strings attached about what/where/how you can spend it
be it, “doesn’t apply to XYZ games”; “only applies this Xduration” or even “only applies to fortnite players/people not previously signed up for 2fa/only applies to US residents etc etc” (reason why that last part might not surprise me is how only US customers got metro cheaper than the rest of us)
that’s what i’m curious to see what if is gonna happen here with these 10$


Shall I guess that you get a free $10, but the games cost $50+, so you pay the difference. Acting like a one time- $10 off any game deal.

Unless there are games that are actually below $10? But I don’t think so since they bought out all the new big releases.


Yea, no. I won’t support their business practices.


Just sign away your soul here

Thank you good sir, you will not regret this decision.


The only game on the store currently less than 10 dollars is Flower. This is going to be during a sale though, so you could have more options without spending your own money.


If there’s actually any sales worth anything during this, this’ll be the closest they’ve come to actually getting my money or my time.



Can i transfer it to my paypal ? :wink:
Well i guess just another way to get free or cheaper games i havent even played anything using epic launcher yet tho


I saw about 5 games that were below 10, though some are early access like Hades (from the makers of Transistor)


epic has a great lineup of games… i just hope they wont become like steam were any wannabe game developer who can flip assets can release their shit on it.

looking forward for the development of this war Steam vs Epic


fuck epic, fuck pubg, fuck fortnite and their mobile counterparts, fuck tencent

I’m not gonna let the chinese screw with PC gaming, they can keep mobile gaming to themselves, but don’t touch PC gaming.


rly? interested to hear what yr going to do about it


oh pls don’t annoy me with your provocative crap, you know all I can do is not use that dumb launcher


Epic is the future, steam can go to hell.


i don’t agree, i think that steam was left alone for too long and need a firm punch to the throat to bring it back to reality, but as a consumer we will have the best of both world, two giant fighting for the market… we will get best of the fight just like a kid that their parents just divorced.