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[Update: Available Now] Free $10 to spend in Epic Games Store



oh look, hades is back to base price of 17.49€ with epic discount making it 7.49, wonder where the wheel of fortune lands next :joy:

i saw the stipulations in order to “get” the 10 bucks, and was put off by that :wink:

can’t really see much i’d deem worthy of me spending money on, subnautica below zero was really the only offer that seems to come close to appealing, but doubt i’d bother to play that anytime soon to make it worth it
and part of me is too miffed about TWD to snatch it for a fiver tho it’s probably gonna be a long time before getting that price point on steam, after it’s returned… :disappointed:
but yea, overall i’m just not content enough with epic to even want to bother spend 5$ to get 10$discount it seems :rofl:
still got some impressing to do before they lure my wallet up :grin:


LOL. Yup… that is so the feels.

Interesting enough, I had to use a code to log back into the site, so not sure if that was the 2-step thing or not, but some of the prices in my view are -$10.


Has anyone else had what I regard as crazy cookie storage sizes from Epic? Just removed 25MB of Epic cookies…


Only 4.6Mb here. Not an odd amount, but something else is. Firefox reports the cookies as having been used recently, 3h ago. I have not visited in months. So I gotta wonder what kind of tracking it’s involved with.


You haven’t left a tab open somewhere? I had to check through my 140 or so tabs just to be sure…

Edit- Just deleted 1GB of cached files…my browser hygiene is sloppy


I don’t have a bunch of unnecessary tabs open. So no I know for sure when I last visited epic and it wasn’t 3h ago. Checking my history shows that it last time I visited their site was in February.

Just heard that there’s a new funny issue with epic’s sale in that since the store doesn’t have a shopping cart feature you have to purchase every game separately. They do however have a fraud detection system which triggers if you buy “too many” things in succession, which appears to have gotten people’s accounts locked down. According to SidAlpha:

He also mentions another possible reason for why devs are unhappy about participating in this sale as many of them are contractually obliged to maintain price parity between platforms. Epic games then comes along and applies a $10 discount to everything on their own end and all of a sudden devs and publishers find themselves breaching contracts by no fault of their own.


How do you know my tabs are unnecessary? :slight_smile:

Just thought that the 3hour marker might correspond with your browser launch.


It does. But I don’t see why my browser would use the epic cookies on start up when I’ve had nothing to do with their site in 3 months. It doesn’t mark every other cookie as used 3h ago so it doesn’t seem like it’s just moving through the cookie jar on every start up.


“Epic Games”:

… basic, fn, functions, “mega sale”… what an Epic store disaster :man_facepalming: :grin:


Can still get my games for cheaper on other platforms.


A good take on whole matter.


Some people got very good deals though, especially in the countries which sell the games much lower to begin with? Apparently that was also an issue? (maybe not as big of one idk), and the potential use of VPN to get games cheaper. It is crazy that they had discount on games not even released.


Yup. At one point Hades was discounted too, which confused me, and I didn’t go ahead and buy because it’s in Early Access, why would you lower the price? Then later it went back to usual price for my region. My only hesitations with getting it now are:

  1. The drama of this whole situation makes me feel on edge about the future of Epic as a store.
  2. Hades should be coming out for all platforms (according to the developer) eventually. sticks a pin in that

Only good thing, is that someone here has said that you can play games from Epic without the launcher, so all things being equal, I could get the game soon, and play it as a standalone kind of thing when it’s completed, Epic or no Epic. Meh. It’s all too much to ponder this early. :slight_smile:


No, I believe you’ve misunderstood. You can buy games and claim freebies without the launcher but you can not play them. You have to use the launcher to install the games, SOME games might afterwards be playable without the laucher but I wouldn’t count on it.


:raised_hand: i did
Epic/Sweeny initially boasted about Epic Store not having drm, and this is “technically” true. Devs are free to put in their own options of drm, and Epic isn’t “inherently” drm -basically a vague technicality saying/copying steam drm policy
and while some games will definitely work without the launcher
it turns out, some will not, and people have found games with drm tied to the epic store/launcher (or so i’ve read)
and there is no real way to know what/if any drm/launcher ties the game has apparently, unless the publishers discloses it on the game page(some games didn’t even disclose they used denuvo initially), -until you try. So seems it’s not something to “count” on, but merely “hope” for, to play without the launcher on some games…


Thought it sounded a bit too good to be true. Guess if you really want to play games without a launcher, it’s GOG that’s the way to go.

@Fraggles Misunderstood, or knowing me, mis-remembered, lol. Thanks for clearing that up anyway. :slight_smile:


I was gonna say that I wish I had known about the sale before I purchased a game there, but Epic Games gave me a $10 refund on the game today, so that was nice of them.

I wasn’t too big on Epic Games and its launcher towards the beginning, and it was upsetting about some of the timed exclusives. However, I don’t really have any loyalty to any particular store/launcher as long as I can get and play the games I want. So, I will purchase from them from time to time.

However, I still will not save my payment information with them and happy that they have an option to opt in to that will allow me a one-time payment without saving my information.

I wish that they would get a shopping cart though, that annoys me with Origin as well but at least Origin implements a shopping cart of sorts during some sales I’ve participated in.


Yeah seems strange not to have a shopping cart, I guess they only want you to buy one game at a time? Or they cba to implement it so they are keeping it simple.


:point_up: ding ding ding