Today is our last sale friends :(


I greatly appreciate ya’ll being here and supporting us for all these years.

I’m also very sad and nostalgic.

Does anyone have any THE DEAL ENDS 28 MINUTES AGO memes to dunk on me with?






So long, and thanks for all the fish!



‘Tis gonna be awkward and sad without daily deals…


It already is awkward without the coin spin :c


Wonder what happens when I use the following link:
(I have this as my Speed Dial bookmark and never got a response proper on if I’ll have to change it or if it’ll redirect automatically or something else happens or I get a 404 eRrOr)


Will the forums still be around? I may not be very active in them but I still enjoy occasionally giving my two cents on something.


Yes, still here.


Yes the community forum is supposed to be sticking around.


I still wonder what’s the link for this community’s Discord. That would give me at least a reason to use it.

Edit: Haha, thanks @Gnuffi! :smile:



Thanks! Joined the channel


Damn it! I already said my bit in the final deal thread!

Also good to see @dusty say hi to celebrate the final sale. Always happy to hear from the team that was around during its beginnings.

Farewell! Will see what Nexus brings to streamers everywhere, and how they will promote sales. It’s certainly an interesting twist on the whole “selling T-Shirts and hoodies” thing streamers do. But for today, FAREWELL CHRONO.GG! WE WILL MISS YOU AND THE NON-EXISTENT SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING ASTRONAUT!


I found them


i’m still gonna be checking in regularly, so y’all better be sticking around, or there’ll be gnomes knocking down yer door :triumph:


This is so sad…


can the site just stay as it is now and measure the time its been since the last deal ended for eternity?


That was my idea!

But no one else liked it :rage: