Today is our last sale friends :(


So I went over to nexus, created an account, but all I see seems to be creator page info, and I don’t know how to navigate it as a customer, does anyone have a good idea?


Mommy, it’s over T____T


This might sound cold, but the community stays, I hardly care about the sale, coins are gone long anyway so nothing’s lost imo :sweat_smile:


My very basic understanding is “content creators” will have a direct link to their own little store that their followers can then visit and purchase from. So instead of searching YQmaoski on the site, you would need the website address of


Oof, I was imaging a list of creator stores to select from to appear after Chrono’s last daily deal. And now thinking about it perhaps Nexus could also have a list of games. Then you could select a game and it’d show you which content creator(s) has it. This would allow purchases for one who is not currently following a content creator and maybe even allow that person to start following.

Then again, this may be against the direction Nexus is thinking?

Hmmm… help me! lol


It’s definitely not a bad idea! At the moment we’re focused on getting interested people onboarded and polishing Nexus as a platform. Some sort of hub for consumers has been on my mind a lot lately too, no promises but it’s something I’d like to see in the future :).


just saw that chronos is shutting down :frowning:


community will still be around snake :hugs:


Got the page that shows the link buttons on the bottom.
I think the page should stay so bookmarks don’t get borked.


image :sunglasses:


If we can help, let us know.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Ahem :wink: