Saying goodbye to Chrono and hello to Nexus <3

As you might’ve guessed from the title, this isn’t going to be an easy announcement for us. It’s certainly something we never expected we’d be doing, but we’ve made the following decision in order to be able to focus 100% on something we’re incredibly excited about.

Since the very beginning, we set out to make a change; impact game discovery by surfacing great discounted games with the help of content creators. As many of you know, after three years of just doing daily deals, we began experimenting with different models like Creator Stores, personalized game stores for content creators that you’ve probably seen linked in Chrono’s header and in multiple threads scattered about.

After working on Creator Stores throughout 2019, we realized just how much a difference they could make. With that realization, we began building a new platform from the ground up and designed to scale. We call it Nexus. Nexus is the ultimate form of Creator Stores and the natural evolution of our original mission; not only improving game discoverability, but also letting creators in on the value they create by playing and recommending games to their audiences. Nexus is in closed beta right now, but we’ve already begun to onboard creators who are building their own Nexuses and seeing some amazing success.

Unfortunately, that success comes at the cost of requiring a lot more of our time and resources, and this means that we haven’t been able to dedicate the attention to that it deserves. After a lot of careful consideration, we’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to close down later this month.

Ultimately, we had to choose between supporting or empowering more creators to make a living from playing games they love. Daily deals are something we loved doing; getting a new game out there in front of people at a discount has definitely done a lot to expand people’s libraries, and that’s super rad, but we don’t think it’s something we can spend only half our time on and do a job worthy of our customers. If we want to reach the full potential of Nexus we have to direct all our focus to it. Trying to split our attention between Nexus and Chrono is only making both platforms worse off. This is not something that we’re thrilled we have to do, but we know it’s the best path forward.

With all of that being said, here’s what you can expect over the next couple of weeks:

  • Our last sale will be October 29th at 9am Pacific and will end on October 30th at 9am Pacific.
  • After the final sale has ended, will have a new look. All accounts will remain active until April 30, 2021 after which point all previously purchased keys will be emailed to the account holder.
  • This community will live on! We’ll continue hosting the forum so if y’all want you can continue chatting here as per usual.
  • Our Discord will go through a couple changes, but it’s not going away!. It’ll be repurposed for Nexus, but the general community channel will remain as is.

From the entire Chrono-now-Nexus team, please, seriously know that your support over the years has been immeasurable. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have y’alls support. Thank you, and we hope we’ll still see you around.

The Chrono Staff


Good luck in your new endeavors.

I will still be here because I have LOTS of keys to get rid of and make some one smile :smile: We all have a special connection and are family here. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I must say i’m both happy and sad.

It really sucks to see that as a thing will no longer exist. At the same time you guys have a lot of passion for what you do and that is really encouraging. I mean you could just keep on selling daily deals and forget about it but you strive for new things and i wish you best of luck with Nexus.

And as long as our little ( but amazing ) community has somewhere to hang out and chat i’m happy :slight_smile: .


To new beginnings! :clinking_glasses:


I am also happy and sad. But at the same time, I love this community, and will stick around for sure.

I look forward to what the site will turn into ultimately, good luck!


Mixed feelings like all the others, but I’m ultimately happy with the community staying up and your new Nexus looks pretty fantastic! here’s to the future! :clinking_glasses:


Sad to see the Chrono go But thank you very much for keeping the forums up, When i saw the announcement on twitter i got really worried because this is pretty much the only community I’m really apart of and somewhat active in so Thanks. Also Hope Nexus works out for you guys and become even more successful then Chrono was, Wish y’all good luck on this future endeavor.


I’m not that surprised - recently Chrono felt like kind of lacking polish and attention. I understand the decision, and hope Chrono/Nexus staff will find success in their new endeavors. My main hope is that the community will be a key part of Nexus as it was Chrono’s


Not surprising. Ever since you got rid of the daily login bonuses, there’s not been much a reason to visit. Shot yourself in the foot there.


And here we go again…


I’m sad to hear about it (sadder that I forgot all about ChronoGG).

Also, I can’t log in to the “main” site. My password works for the forums but it won’t let me sign in on the home page


Thanks for these years of sales and cool stuff ^^
I wish the better to you.


so much for reading comprehension

Chrono is not failing; it’s being dropped for bigger and better


Well, I figured this was coming after the loss of the coins. It made it a little easier to at least look at games that I normally wouldn’t care about. I’m curious about Nexus as a content creator and reviewer, but I’ve been on the waitlist for almost a year and a half now so my interest has waned a bit. I figure the idea is to get the most popular people first and foremost though.

Whatever the case, I hope it works out for you guys. Chrono has lead me to some interesting games over the years and handed out some good deals in the process. I still think the future is in content creators and publishers are clearly seeing that as well considering the many systems popping up for distributing review keys and such. Having a place where that can facilitate direct sales as well will probably be a good fit in this growing ecosystem.


It had a great run. I’m frankly quite excited to watch you grow this new business full time. 🥳


Very sad news, hopefully, Nexus will do well!


I wish Nexus all the best! I’ve largely let it pass me by because no one I care about is using it. I think the idea of Nexus is fantastic, and hopefully as the service develops, the smaller content creators I tend to follow will be able to participate :D

I’m kind of happy to see Chrono go, because a lot of the appeal of the daily deal for me was the excitement of a potentially interesting game having its best-ever deal for a day. It made me really consider the game on offer even if I didn’t already know about it. But for the past while, the deals hadn’t been best-ever, so I’d just leave looking the game up for later, knowing it’d probably be cheaper elsewhere soon. Of course, without the urgency created by the best-ever daily deal, that generally meant I’d forget to actually look into it later, and never buy it :'D With Chrono no longer doing what it did best, I’m glad to see the effort being put into a different and equally awesome idea.

It’s funny, back when the coin shop was a thing, I had hoped to approach Chrono about doing my own game’s launch through it, because it seemed like a fun idea. Then, that closed. I thought maybe I could still do a launch through the daily deals (wouldn’t have been the first!). And clearly I took too long developing it, as now Chrono is closing as well. I guess the next thing to hope for is that I could partner with a creator I like on Nexus, that would be neat too.

Thank you for keeping the forum going! I haven’t had time recently to be as active as I used to be, but it’s a comfy place to check in sometimes, and I’m happy to hear it’ll most likely still be here when I do have more free time!


What the heck man

fuck this


:sparkles::zap::sparkles: Me too! :nerd_face: