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To VR or NOT VR?


I just bought a bundle and it had a VR game in it. I have several other VR games gotten the same way…Included in a bundle. I activate them and go on with my life, as I don’t have VR. Maybe in the future but no plans at the moment.

  • I have VR and love it. It’s the future of games.
  • I don’t have VR but want it.
  • I don’t have VR.
  • What’s VR?

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I have Tabletop Simulator and VRChat for VR, but don’t have a rig. And while I would like a VR set, it won’t happen for a long while for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s expensive as fuck where I live, since here average income is like a 5th of the average income of the rest of EU, while just about everything gaming related (PC, games, peripherals, consoles, etc.) has the exact same cost, if not slightly inflated
    (a new game costs around 65 Euros in my country, as opposed to the rest of EU’s 60 Euros, which is already inflated compared to 60$)
  2. Even if I did get a VR set my poor PC would probably explode from overheating if I tried to play anything demanding on it.


I will get it at a later date, 1-5 years?:thinking: I don’t know but it’s not where I want it yet.
Not to mention the porn is still pretty limited…

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VR has a lot of potential but so far I haven’t seen enough of what I would call quality titles to even consider buying into it. Most of what I see that looks interesting can be played through my current setup.


don’t have vr, don’t want vr, so uninterested in vr i can’t describe it
maybe if the tech and experience moves better forward in the future, but right now i’m so unimpressed it deserves less than even to be a “fad”
-if VR died (again), i wouldn’t shed a tear
(and if it took 3d cinema with it, i might even bloody cheer, -i really hate that sh*t)


There are times when games become too real and are no longer fun. Games are supposed to be happy/cute, story filled, puzzles that are challenging and not tedious, edifying, artistic/pleasant to the eye, scary (but still separated by a screen). I do not want to see anything resembling humans holding a realistic looking gun pointing at me and firing, no matter how much I know it is in a game. I am sure I do not want to live in a real bullet hell. Perhaps my mind will change in the future, but certainly not now. I love my 2D platformers, artistic and mind-bending puzzlers, etc. For that reason, I am not even a big fan of FPS games.

If there will be a time when VR is a replication of my own body’s activities when I am still alive, I think that might be cool. To see, breathe, wiggle my fingers and toes and to be completely immersed, that may be a good experience. I do not know when that will ever get there. So while I look forward to the future, I will continue to play games of the past, ie, Mario, Sonic, PacMan, Zelda, and retro-looking newer games. :slight_smile:


Remember the Virtual Boy?

virtual boy

virtual boy 2

Pepperidge Virtual

(Fear my photo editing skills) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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I don’t have and I don’t think I’ll ever need it, just gimme more pixel art indies. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

I know a lot of people are tired of pixel art, but I will never.

Real footage of @Punkster :rofl:


I didn’t realise there were cameras filming me in my hole. Oh is that what that was on that man’s shoulder?


Shouldn’t there be an option called “I have VR and it sucks, or it’s overrated, or I regret getting it, or it’s not worth it yet, or whatever”?

Cuz here the only option for someone who has VR is to say it’s the greatest thing ever.


unfortunately discourse format doesn’t allow editing/adding to a poll few mins after it’s created :confused:
(delenn checked because i suggested another/different option too :smile:)


I love using VR but when I’m done, I get motion sick and throw up.


I’m with you on that, but I do think it has its place for racing and flying simulators for sure; it is awesome for that right now, anything where y’r basically strapped to a seat ingame already anyways


HAHA yeah that should be an option, and maybe a motion sick option while you have VR… Like me… Hello darkness my old friend


@Gnuffi, can I ask you something? Have you actually tried one of the top end headsets like a Vive or a Rift and come to your conclusions or are they based on info you’ve seen and experience you’ve had with the likes of the 3D movies etc? Genuinely curious :slight_smile:


That’s how I am when playing Minecraft. So I can only imagine how I’d feel after VR.


yeah, it mostly happens when I play super hot VR, also imagine how bad Minecraft VR would be.


but i’m not gonna fork out twice as much to get a slightly “better” experience just to get more “optimal” feel, (for something that i already consider flawed on many points just as is)
PS VR might not be “vive pro” lvls of “amazing” experience, but i doubt such “upgrade” would be anywhere near enough to even begin consider purchasing for me
hell even if they cut the price in half i’d still likely not even consider it enjoyable enough to consider getting the vive for myself
(and the 3d cinema mention was merely to throw my disdain for that in, as that’s a “fad” even more worthy of industry-wide death imo :wink:)


Ok, fair enough. To each their own. Cheers for the reply :+1:

PS Far from a fan of the 3D film thing myself, glad you were lumping it in rather than comparing, even if the end results are essentially the same in terms of your opinions of them lol.