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Nice man, i wish u the best in that, and hopefully one day we get to see some of your work :smiley:


@harith, these are sitting in front of me right now… They are not even the biggest ones we see in harvest… :wink: standard Bic pen for size comparison.





lol, guys wtf, these r huge


is a bit windy out today

then around noon something neat happened
i guess Mr and Mrs Duck agreed it was lunch time and wanted to dine out,
-so they waddled straight up to the foot of my tin little balcony, and sat there “quacking”, :blush: :hugs:

i swear it sounded as close to “food, me, nao” as humanly possible in duck voice…
so i gave them half of my bun :slightly_smiling_face:

(damn they swallowed that bread faster than i did) :smile:

…5feet away, -almost close enough for dinner :wink: :joy:


Man as cute as this is, don’t feed ducks bread it’s unhealthy af for them, idk why this is such an unknown fact.

Most bread is essentially junk food to them, although white is the worst, and can cause a range of problems, including a debilitating disease called “angel wing.”

White bread has essentially no nutritional value – it’s packed full of calories and has little else to offer. Continuously feeding it to birds causes them to rely on us for a food source rather than their natural diet. It’s the equivalent of only feeding your children unhealthy foods; they’ll eventually get addicted to it, and will find it very difficult eating, or wanting to eat, anything else. So, at the very least, feeding ducks bread is giving them a readily-accessible unhealthy diet, leaving them ultimately malnourished.

At the far end of the spectrum, there’s “angel wing.” This is a disturbing condition that causes the bird’s wings to point out laterally, rather than resting against the body, rendering them in many cases unable to fly. It’s an incurable condition brought about as a result of a high-calorie diet, one extremely high in protein and carbohydrates, and low in vitamins D, E and manganese – the exact diet a bird would get if they primarily ate white bread. Without being able to fly, these birds soon die.



on a regular basis yes!, but i don’t, +as noted, half a bun,
ps not white bread, i’m not a complete moron -i have read the same “detrimental duck feeding” articles as you
pps this isn’t near a pond, so it’s not a regular occurrence for these ducks, they were just out/landed for stroll

lesson of today’s story; don’t lecture people on scenarios you aren’t privy to, or think you have some morale high ground just because you have a “quote/source” on hand…
-gnome out :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::studio_microphone: (don’t worry, not to feed more ducks or cause some avian plague)


I didn’t know this…wow, turns out I’m a duck abuser (although brown bread, I’m not some kind of heretic).


the 2 main causes to not feed ducks bread is because
people default to white stale bread, no nourishment for humans in that crap, even less for animals, (+being stale can cause fungal infection, harmless to humies doesn’t mean harmless to birds)
but the top reason is the “static” feeding, it makes it even more unhealthy, because pond ducks get lazy and get’s the bread fed with mud and all sorts of crap that they otherwise usually wouldn’t because of a sorta formed recurrent “feeding area” in parks and stuff,
causes side effects of excess environmental crap too, causing algae and stuff, further upsetting their natural food
-but fuck i’f i’m gonna be lectured on tossing a couple of passing by ducks a couple of chunks of a wholegrain multi grain full seed lunch bun :triumph:


I too have a duck right outside my balcony. It’s been here a while, I think someone might have been feeding it bread.


lol didn’t think you would get mad over some informational post, you aren’t the only one on this forum and from my experience many ppl simply don’t know that they might be harming animals when then think they would be doing good.

But hey, guess most here including me, are morons or recently still were those, cause this just isn’t a too widely spread fact.

Totally was all about my “morale highground” and not me trying to share information. /s


Poor little duckie… :sob:

@Gnuffi, those ducks are adorable, are you close by to a water source that they like to hang out at, or did they just stroll into town one day?

You have some nice weather there, it’s been a bit windy here too, and currently, hardly a cloud in the sky…

A little hard to tell, this picture was taken at 27 degrees Fahrenheit a few moments ago, about -3 Celcius…


it’s a “lawn”, large’ish patch of grass+playground(some birds enjoy to take a break on at moments across the year) between a bunch of building blocks, 2-3 miles from shore (where gulls, ducks +swans like to hang out).
Got tons of half"wildlife" area for them to be in x miles both north south east and west and in between, and a park close to the waterfront too. +even further away wetlands and a semi bird reserve.
But for some reason a bunch of X birds always like to touch down in town on “select” patches of grass, before moving on to where they plan to be “a little further down the road”. (i always sorta guessed it was because a nearby tiny pond/small “wet” area got filled in for zoning purposes, so they picked whatever nearby patches of green was around/close by that old spot)
few years back it was utterly hell, because they’d decide to seed the lawn, -which happened to coincide with some of the "hey birds are visiting"days, and so they just wouldn’t freaking leave for weeks :smile:
ps 16c/61f here, but so windy af, it sure feels a fair bit below that :wink:


this is news to me, its such a common thing to do (not that I do it, I like my food) is this the same for all human food? I imagine this is the same for all birds and not just ducks


Yeah I agree, it’s one of those basic things you learn as a little child and the ducks gladly accept the bread sooo there’s little reason to assume it’s bad for them from that point of view :confused:

And yes, I believe you can say that generally applies to all birds, ducks & geese are just the most popularly bread fed species.

Not all human food, idk for sure what exactly is fine for them, I suggest a google search :sweat_smile:

lists what not to feed and what to feed with the hint that these animals really don’t require our help to survive :slight_smile:


@CrazR So, I’m guessing I should stop giving the ducks outside of my house scotch and cigarettes? :thinking::man_shrugging:



Seriously though, I usually toss them some rice, oats, and small pieces of whole grain bread, like @Gnuffi. I can understand white bread is not good for them, as it’s not even fit for human consumption, but whole grain bread made with oats and flax seeds, etc. :confused:

I’ve also tried giving them small pieces of vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, etc. but they don’t like that at all. They look at me like “where’s the f****in bread?!”

Just to be a good citizen, I bought them a few bags of cracked corn when I was at the store today.

Also, look who showed up outside my back door today…

Is it safe to give them some of the cracked corn?


That stuff increases the ‘goose on goose’ crime rates, and no gosling should ever be exposed to those kind of hard foods that early in life… Stick with scotch and cigarettes.


Man you bought that stuff EXTRA for them, it must be safe for them…pls… :see_no_evil:


getting a squirrel for dinner.


Not a squirrel getting its dinner? :thinking: