The World Through Your Eyes


The world is large, yet we often call it small;
The ease of travel, from spring to fall.
Busy at work, behind closed doors;
I seek to step beyond these floors.
The beauty of the world for all to see;
Through your eyes bring me glee.
So let me experience through your sights,
All your wonders and your heights.

As with most individuals who work a desk job, I barely get to even look outside. Mainly because my office has no windows and I am stuck in it for hours at a time.

A few weeks ago, I was at home during a Nor’easter storm and woke up to some mess in my back yard. There were trees everywhere in whichever orientation. Our power was out and so we had no heat. The cataclysmic forces of nature were awe-inspiring and terrifying. But the beauty of it resonates in my mind still.

I will start with sharing a couple of photos of the aftermath of that terrifying but terrific storm. I want to see other amazing things in your world, be they large or small. It would be wonderful to see your parts of the world and truly through your eyes. There are lots of stock photos of famous places out there, but that is fairly lacking in the real world. I would rather see the things that brought you to grab your phone or camera and take a photo.

So let me see the world through your eyes!

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sorry that it is blurry, but taking a picture into a test tube is incredibly subject to lighting conditions.


No Windows? Is your company Apple snobs?

I recall seeing that Apple now supports Windows.

Ah, yes, here we are.

Thankfully we are past the really bad cold white stuff now.
Here was me out walking dogs 2-3 weeks ago. When we left the house, there was no snow, 20 minutes later, this…


And this was on our way back 60 minutes later with freezing wind to add to the fun…

I believe there was a dog in there^ somewhere.

I know there isn’t a whole lot for you to see in that but that is all the snow pictures I have to share with you from this year’s winter weather that isn’t just dog pictures. Unless that interests you?

Nice post, Budski.
Especially the rhymes. :+1:t2:


That’s awesome, looks like such a healthy colony! What type of ant are these? They look like a fairly large species!


:rofl: :joy::sweat_smile:

I am in a basement, thus the no windows… :laughing:

Looks like you had quite the storm there! I am amazed at what mother nature so often. I am glad for adequate food and shelter, and plenty of warmth in the colder months. I think we often forget the beauty out there. Of course, I am glad we can appreciate them safely.

I am happy to view everything that seems interesting/awe-inspiring/brings happiness/etc from your perspective. :slight_smile: :hugs:

Thank you, felt like that kind of a day for me. :slight_smile:


Your poem was lovely man :sparkling_heart:

This is my window literally just now, when my human face turns right that’s what It sees.

I’ll give you a peak outside :sauropod:

And a lil’ bit of snow just the other day.

We’re having a pretty bad storm too like It has a name :joy::joy: Hugo, like Bart’s evil twin.

Really cool topic btw can’t wait to see more people posting ^^


Great Topic @YQMaoski!

Here is the view outside the windows in back of my house. I work from home a lot of days so this is what I’m usually looking out at:

Though sometimes I find myself neglecting work and being distracted by these guys
(or the Chrono forum :smile:)

We had a few snowstorms this year but nothing quite as severe as @YQMaoski or @Punkster. Edit: Just found a better photo of a recent snowstorm (without the weird blueish tint)

Edit: Here is one last photo of a semi-interesting sunset I captured a few weeks ago…


Dude I’ve taken pics of like everything in every place, I can’t upload all those gigs rn @YQMaoski :grin:


omg so beautiful man


great view!


Yo Rileover, where are you from? South America? Somewhere else south? I can see a palm tree! We don’t have those here :confused:
So much nature inbetween these buildings, that’s very cool (unless you have all those beasts from hell they have in Australia…)!


@Punkster how do you own an apple product that’s like twice the price of a gaming PC, but for pics you are using an old Nokia? lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m from Asturias!! North of Spain, so no beasts from hell at all haha Just some guy that has a palm tree :joy::joy:


That’s why it looked bits familar to me :3 (been to Mallorca for vacation, but then again who hasn’t lol)
Only question left is:


Now It looks odd to me hahahha who has a freaking palm tree on his garden?


Edit: @CrazR I’ve spotted another one, why!? Since when is this a thing?


nice. Ola! Que tal? Me necessito un poco d’azucar por favor


you don’t ask for sugar in spain, you don’t ask for sugar anywhere in the world lol

Gotta think of something…
Quieres dinero avec unas madres?
(leftover words from when I learned some spanish =) )


You’re sweet enough boi

I mean for coffe I guess? :joy:


what if u run out and the store is closed? or what if yr 14 and on vacation in Peniscola in Spain with yr parents, and there’s a bunch of college girls in the villa next door, and yr dad is like, here, memorize this line and go knock on their door…


Am I awful for when I read “line” I instantly thought you were talking about coke? :joy::rofl::see_no_evil: