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The World Through Your Eyes


lol, i’m not sure what exactly that says about u…


dude tf do I know what it says about me


That @CrazR likes carbonated drinks :point_up: :relieved:



You gotta go wt the trends dude, swim wt the flow! Everybody and my cat got their palmtree already and you are still thinking bout why you need one, are you for real?


Damn right @Rilover! Tho that shit makes me burp :disappointed_relieved:


man idk even know where that prank is supposed to be and freaking forum is telling me am replying too often, I CAN’T CHANGE THAT IM POPULAR CHRONO GODDAMN




@kylehayman361 will understand that your meme is not needed here @harith




I forgot, I totally have a palm tree, It’s soooo last year I don’t even notice It anymore.


Thank you very much! :smiley:

That a nice looking community you live in, I like the sprawl and the colors. We certainly miss those in the winters here!

And yeah, that palm treat certainly make me rather envious!

Quite far away from me, I can’t wait to see what others have to show too! Thanks for sharing!

I would totally be distracted all the time, that’s such a lovely place! I love little duckies!

This is a big giant duckie that came to nearby two summers ago, it was so adorable!

Thanks for the updates guys! I am looking forward to more!

Share what leaves an impression on your camera/mind/soul/etc. :wink:


@CrazR I’ll shoot anybody that disagrees with me.

also, I never noticed this post before have I been here? I love posting real pictures from near me I live in a lovely place.


The World Through Your Eyes

sees title/post
*scrolls down
-pics, landscapes, ducks etc etc
*scrolls down
-palmtrees, lines of coke, sugar, memes & CAPS
^yup, seems legit, “the world through my eyes” indeed, :dizzy_face:

NotSafeFor kylehayman361(s)


can you take down or change that picture?

you seem to have a lot of my kinks in there.

striped socks.







just in case

(its a joke :stuck_out_tongue: and a cool picture, leave it :stuck_out_tongue: )


Perception is an interesting thing…


only took little more than 10 posts for the thread to go off the rails :joy:
what a journey to scroll through :crazy_face:


You know you are on the Chrono forums when…




Have some sky

Cause I really didn’t mean to derail it, that’s fully @harith’s fault cause he always be meme-ing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: